Structuring your home loan

Whether you’re after a bit of flexibility to make extra payments, or you’d rather have the certainty of locking down your rate and repayments, we’ve got fixed or floating home loans to suit.

Get the right home loan for you

  • Lock in an interest rate from six months to five years
  • Budget with certainty
  • If interest rates rise during the term of your fixed loan, you won't be affected.
  • Flexibility to make extra payments whenever you like
  • You can increase your regular repayments
  • If rates fall, you'll pay less interest.
  • Use money in your everyday and savings account to 'offset' your home loan interest charges
  • Variable interest rate allows you to make extra repayments whenever you like.
  • Our most flexible home loan, with no fixed repayment periods
  • It works like a big overdraft
  • Useful if you have irregular income or are building or renovating.

Interest rates are subject to change.

Tools to get you there

What type of Home Loaner are you?

Here's a video to help you understand the different types of home loans, and decide which one is right for you.