Compare credit card rates and fees

Compare interest rates, fees and limits on Kiwibank Credit Cards, including Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Credit Cards.

Compare credit cards

Interest rates are subject to change.


Zero Visa

Airpoints Low Fee Visa

Airpoints Platinum Visa

Account fee (every six months)




Joint/additional cardholder account fee (every six months)


$5 per card

$15 per card

Interest rate on purchases and cash advances

Interest-free days1

Up to 55

Up to 44

Up to 44

Balance transferred from a non-Kiwibank credit card




Minimum credit limit




Rewards and benefits

Airpoints Dollar™ earn rate on eligible purchases

$160 spend = 1 Airpoints Dollar

$85 spend = 1 Airpoints Dollar

Earn Air New Zealand Status Points

1 Status Point per $200 of eligible spend

Access to Air New Zealand monthly prize draws


Complimentary Air New Zealand Lounge eVouchers2

Two complimentary single entry Lounge eVouchers for every $30,000 spent on your card in each year. The maximum number of Lounge eVouchers that can be earned in each 12-month period will be four ie two pairs

Built-in travel insurance3


On 24 November 2021 we stopped offering our Low Rate Visa, Platinum Visa, and Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Standard Visa. If you have one of these cards you can find information about their rates and fees on our products no longer offered page. If you have a Low Rate Visa, the features, rates and fees are the same as our Zero Visa.

Interest rates are subject to change.

1Interest free period applies provided you pay off your entire balance each month by the due date. Interest free period doesn't apply to cash advances or balance transfers.

2In light of COVID-19, single use Air New Zealand Lounge eVouchers will be extended by six months. e-Vouchers that expired 1 August 2021 – 21 October 2021 have been re-activated and can be used for a further six months from the original expiry date. e-Vouchers that are set to expire 22 October 2021 – 22 October 2022 will be automatically extended by six months from the current expiry date. You'll be able to see this in your Air New Zealand mobile app or myairnz on

3Built-in overseas travel insurance is arranged by Kiwibank and issued by Tower Insurance Limited and Tower Insurance Limited is solely responsible for any claim under the policy.

Service fees

Cash advance fee

When you withdraw cash or transfer money from your credit card account.

Internet banking or mobile app

  • Free.

Cash advance in New Zealand - ATM or staff assisted

  • $0.90 per transaction.

Cash advance overseas - ATM or staff assisted

  • $6 per transaction.

International transaction fee

When you use your credit card for a foreign currency transaction.

1.85% of the New Zealand dollar amount once converted. This will show on your internet banking and the mobile app as:

  • Currency Conv Assessment 1.0%
  • Foreign Currency Txn Fee 0.85%

Late payment fee

When your minimum payment isn’t received by us on or before the payment date shown in your monthly statement.

  • $5 per late payment.

Please note when your monthly statement shows an amount due immediately, any payment you make will be applied to this amount before being applied to your minimum payment. This means that you must pay both amounts to avoid being charged this fee.

Replacement card fee

When you ask us for a replacement credit card.

  • $9.50 per request.

Urgent card delivery fee – in New Zealand

Courier charge for urgent delivery of a credit card in New Zealand

  • $2.60 per delivery.

Urgent card delivery fee – International

Courier charge for urgent delivery of a credit card worldwide

  • Price on application.


Maximum amount for cash advance

The maximum amount that you can withdraw or transfer from your credit card account.

Kiwibank Low Rate Visa, Kiwibank Zero Visa, Air New Zealand Airpoints Low Fee Visa and Air New Zealand Airpoints Standard Visa

$1,000 per day from ATMs (no maximum number of withdrawals per day).

$5,000 per day over the counter from banks and financial institutions, and via internet banking (limited to two withdrawals per day).

Kiwibank Platinum Visa

$3,000 per day from ATMs (limited to five withdrawals per day).

$7,500 per day over the counter from banks and financial institutions, and via internet banking (limited to two withdrawals per day).

Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinum Visa

$3,000 per day from ATMs (limited to five withdrawals per day).

$7,500 per day over the counter from banks and financial institutions, and via internet banking (limited to ten withdrawals per day).

Contactless transactions

For purchases up to $200 in New Zealand, just tap your card on the reader to make a purchase. For purchases over $200, you can still tap your card, but you’ll need to sign or enter your PIN to complete the transaction. Different transaction limits may apply overseas.

Minimum payments

The minimum payment is either 5% of the closing balance of your monthly statement or $10, whichever is greater. You're not required to make a minimum payment if your closing balance is less than $10 (unless we specifically ask you to) or a credit amount. Minimum payments must be made each month (if required) on or before the payment due date shown on your statement.

You may at any time make additional payments over and above your minimum payments. You can make payments to your credit card account in any of the following ways:

We may at any time require you to immediately pay us all or part of the outstanding debit balance on your credit card account.

Interchange fees

When a transaction is made on a Visa credit card, the bank that processes that transaction for the merchant pays a fee to the bank that issued the credit card. This fee is called an interchange fee. See the interchange fees that apply to transactions made in New Zealand on Kiwibank-issued Visa credit cards.

Apply for a credit card

To apply for a Kiwibank Credit Card, you must be at least 18 years of age, a New Zealand permanent resident and have a good credit history.

If you’re new to Kiwibank, we’ll need to see some ID to verify your identity and address. If you aren’t already an Airpoints member, we’ll sign you up for free when your Airpoints credit card is approved.

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