Tile - Life & Living OP1 Apr19

Protect your future and theirs

Try our Life & Living Insurance estimator to see what kind of cover could work for you and how much you might need in order to protect your lifestyle and loved ones. Calculate your cover today

Tile- credit card stack

Do you have a Mastercard?

We’re changing our credit cards from Mastercard to Visa. This means you’ll be getting a new Visa credit card soon. Keep an eye out for more information from us. Find out more

Tile - cheques


Kiwibank is phasing out cheques – see the timings and ways we can support you through this transition. Find out more


Do we have your IRD number?

If we don’t have your IRD number, from 1 April 2020, the default Resident Withholding Tax (RWT) rate on any interest earned will be increasing from 33% to 45%. Find out how to check or add your IRD number. Read more