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Get a home loan here. We'll send you there

Get a holiday for two to Samoa when you take out a new home loan or move your existing home loan to us. Minimum of $200,000 and 20% equity. Your salary or wages must be credited to a Kiwibank account. Find out more

Low Fee Credit Card

Earn 2 x Airpoints Dollars™ for 3 months

Get a new Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Low Fee Mastercard® and earn double Airpoints Dollars for 3 months on your everyday spend. Plus, pay no account fee for 2 years, saving you $50. Find out more

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We all need dough

What would you do if you or your breadwinner couldn’t make dough? See how Life & Living Insurance could help. Find out more

Notice Saver

Better returns than a normal savings account

Earn this great rate with a Notice Saver account. You can keep adding money to it whenever you like and just need to give 90 days notice when you need your money. Minimum balance $2,000. Find out more

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