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Credit cards

Take flight with an Air New Zealand Airpoints™ credit card. Or, a low rate, low fee, just-in-case credit card. However you want to use it, we’ve got a credit card to suit. This is choosing what works for you.


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Applying for a credit card

Due to recent consumer lending laws (CCCFA) there's a delay of around five to ten days on credit card applications. Find out more about the changes.

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Apply for a credit card

To apply for a Kiwibank Credit Card, you must be at least 18 years of age, a New Zealand permanent resident and have a good credit history.

If you’re new to Kiwibank, we’ll need to see some ID to verify your identity and address. If you aren’t already an Airpoints member, we’ll sign you up for free when your Airpoints credit card is approved.

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Apply right here, right now. We'll let you know exactly what you need and you may be approved on the spot.

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