Diversity, equity & inclusion

We’re committed to becoming an organisation that proudly represents the diversity of all our communities in Aotearoa. This is happening progressively – we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far. And we’ll keep at it, because respecting and representing the richness that makes up our country is essential to delivering on our purpose of making Kiwi better off. It’s also the right thing to do.

We're proud of our efforts to drive diversity, inclusion and equity which includes having the Gender Tick and being a Living Wage Employer.

Te Kahukura Kāpuia - The Multicoloured Collective

We pride ourselves on our inclusive culture, one where everyone belongs, and is able to thrive. We’ve created Te Kahukura Kāpuia as a symbol of the pride we have in our Rainbow Community.

Kahukura references ‘multicoloured’ and Kāpuia references ‘to gather or unite as one’. Kahukura Kāpuia uses the harakeke flax of our brand to weave the eleven colours of Pride with our own Kiwibank green to symbolise our strength and connectedness, our united view of inclusiveness, and our pride in our people.

This is a symbol of who we are. This is a place where we all belong. This is Kiwibank.

Gender Tick

Kiwibank was New Zealand’s first bank to receive the Gender Tick accreditation in 2019 and believe that fairness is an important attribute for all organisations. In 2022 we were awarded Gender Tick's Advanced Accreditation. The accreditation signals our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Not only is gender equality in the workplace important, it's the right thing to do. It also positively impacts on wellbeing, productivity and innovation, all of which we highly value.

The Gender Tick accreditation was developed for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to gender equality in their workplace. For more information visit the Gender Tick website.

Living Wage Employer

living wage image

We're proud to have been accredited as a Living Wage Employer. This means Kiwibank employees as well as workers like cleaners, security guards and maintenance people, who work for Kiwibank through contractors and other suppliers, will be paid no less than the living wage.

The living wage is the hourly rate someone needs to be able to afford the necessities of life, live with dignity and actively participate in their community. It takes into account basic expenses, such as food, transportation, housing and childcare and is calculated each year by the New Zealand Family Centre Social Policy Unit.

For more information visit the Living Wage website.


Brain Badge logo

We're a neurodiverse-inclusive organisation. We recognise and know it's important that our organisation has a diverse range of people and one size doesn't fit all. For many, neurodiversity has been the difference that has enabled them to do extraordinary things.

To help us become a more neurodiverse-inclusive bank both for our current whānau and those yet to join us, we’ve teamed up as a foundation partner with Brain Badge, an organisation that provides support and guidance for businesses to reframe the way people think about neurodiversity.

Transparent gender & ethnicity pay gaps

We’re continuously working to improve pay equity and transparency and are open and transparent around the gaps that exist so we can move to closing them sooner.

We're making progress on bringing more diversity – and therefore equity – into parts of our business that have traditionally been overrepresented by one gender, but we openly recognise there's much more to do in this space.

Our areas of focus include a commitment to continuing to grow female and gender diverse representation in our more senior roles and growing the gender balance and ethnic representation throughout the organisation so we're reflective of the communities we work in.

We regularly look closely at salaries for people performing the same role to ensure it's fair, and based on experience and overall contribution to Kiwibank, regardless of gender. This is an ongoing focus with checkpoints during salary reviews and an annual Board report on pay equity.

We’re working towards transparency about our ethnicity pay gap too, but at this point we still don’t have enough data to share an accurate position. We’re encouraging our people to add their information to our HR system so we can achieve this.

Our current pay gaps

  • Overall median pay at Kiwibank is much higher for males than females, largely due to the greater number of males in senior roles and the much larger proportion of females in our frontline/team roles.
  • When we compare the overall median level of pay of females to the median level of pay for males, in July 2023 we had a gender pay gap of 33.6%. When we first reported in 2022, the pay gap was 34.3%.
  • When we compare pay differentials for similar roles on a gender basis, any gaps are much smaller, and show very comparable levels of pay equity across the bank.

More information can be found in our latest sustainability report.

Got questions? Get in touch with our team by emailing us at Inclusion@kiwibank.co.nz