Our sustainability approach

As part of being a purpose-led business, we run our business in a way that supports our customers, our people, the communities we operate in, and the environment to thrive. Here's how we're doing that.

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Kiwibank Sustainability Report 2023

We set some big ambitious purpose and sustainability goals for ourselves. In our 2023 Sustainability Report we report on the progress we're making while also recognising there's still more to do.

Running a purpose-led business for our people & communities


B Corp certified

Our B Corp certification means we’re doing the right thing when it comes to our people, customers, suppliers, community and environment.

Pride Mark

Building diversity, equity and inclusion

We're proud of our efforts to drive diversity, inclusion and equity which includes having the Gender Tick and being a Living Wage Employer.

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Extending the life of our business waste

We work within communities to reuse and extend the life of resources that are no longer required or used at Kiwibank. This includes devices, furniture and our Kiwibank Wardrobe.


Responsible business banking

Our Kiwibank Responsible Business Banking policy outlines the industries and businesses we won't do business with and highlights our commitment to protecting the best interests of Kiwi and our environment.

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Supplier expectations

We want to work with suppliers who share our commitment to behaving responsibly, ethically and sustainably. We expect suppliers to adhere to the Kiwibank Supplier Code of Conduct and to deliver great outcomes for our business and customers.

Card designs

Impact of our cards

We're Aotearoa's first bank to use recycled plastic in all our cards. That's more than 2,000kgs plastic waste being recycled into our cards per year. Our newly designed cards have increased accessibility to help people with different abilities.

Improving our environmental impact

Kiwibank's emissions fall into the categories of power, travel, paper and waste. Our carbon emission targets are set until 2025. We monitor these regularly and report on our reductions annually.

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    Reducing electricity usage

    Both our head offices in Wellington and Auckland are Green Star rated and we install LED lighting into all our Kiwibank branches and contact centres.

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    Reducing our waste

    We've changed our quick deposit bags from plastic to paper removing over 80,000 single use plastic bags per year from circulation and changed our envelope material to 100% paper based. We also compost in our head office sites.

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    Improving our fleet & travel

    We're in the process of changing all our fleet to electric vehicles. And our teams have set carbon travel budgets to help them reduce their total travel by 20% by 2025.

Managing the risk of climate change

We're working to understand the impact climate change will have on our business and customers, and developing strategies to manage it. This includes:

  • Governance
    Our Executive and Board Risk Committees have integrated climate change management into the way we manage risks.
  • Strategy
    We're assessing, developing and testing a number of business scenarios based on imagined future impacts of climate change and how they could affect our business model and strategy.
  • Risk management
    We've identified key climate risks facing our business and customers, and are currently developing plans to reduce this risk.
  • Metrics and targets
    To help us track how we're reducing our impact on climate change, we've set up some robust metrics and targets for the carbon emissions we create from running our business. We're also working on setting our targets to reduce the impact of our financed emissions (the emissions from our lending activities) and will communicated these by the end of 2023.

Read our sustainability reports

Our Sustainability Reports outline our performance each year against our purpose and sustainability goals, and how we're working to make tamariki, Aotearoa and Kiwi better off.

Sustainability report 2023

Sustainability report 2022

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If you’d like more information about our sustainability work or have ideas on how we can improve, email sustainability.kb@kiwibank.co.nz and we'll be in touch.

We measure our emissions against our 2018 Financial Year, as that was the first year that Kiwibank was separated from NZ Post.