Building financial literacy with Banqer

We’re passionate about making sure all Kiwi kids are financially literate. Partnering with Banqer enables them to bring their programme into primary and secondary schools throughout the country. Preparing them for the financial world ahead. This is banking on the next generation.

How we're working with Banqer

We've been working with Banqer since 2016 to enable classrooms to access Banqer Primary free to primary and intermediate students, and Banqer High discounted for high school students. Co-founded by local entrepreneur Kendall Flutey, Banqer Primary and Banqer High are online tools used in classrooms to create a virtual economy that inspires students to be curious and confident with money.

Banqer in the classroom

Partnerships Banqer

Within Banqer, students from year 3-13 are able to manage their budget, explore career paths, save for their future, and dabble with investing. They'll regularly face decisions that have financial impacts, learning the consequences of their choices first hand, in the safe environment of Banqer. Since starting, we've had some great successes:

  • Banqer has educated nearly 290,000 primary students through the Banqer Primary platform
  • Banqer has educated nearly 50,000 high school students through the Banqer High platform.

Get your school using Banqer today

Whether you're a teacher or a parent involved with primary, kura or secondary schools, Banqer is easy and accessible for you. Parents or other community members can refer a teacher and Banqer will get back to you and let you know how to start using Banqer in the classroom.