We’re pretty passionate about making sure all Kiwi kids are prepared for the financial world ahead. That’s why we've been working with Banqer for the last few years to enable classrooms to access the platform for free. It's also available in te reo Māori.

About Banqer

Co-founded by local entrepreneur Kendall Flutey, Banqer is an online tool that can be used in classrooms to create a complex and realistic virtual economy that students use on a day-to-day basis.

Watch the video below to learn more about Banqer and how we're banking on the next generation.

How it works

Teachers set up a currency and facilitate real-life situations over the course of the school year to enable students to learn about earning money, paying expenses, saving, debt, tax, KiwiSaver, insurance and more. The programme, suitable for Years 4 – 8, is aligned with the New Zealand curriculum and designed by teachers for teachers and students.

We’re banking on the next generation

Financial literacy is a huge issue in New Zealand. There is a generation of Kiwi school leavers telling us they feel they have missed out on exactly this sort of real-life financial learning. This is why we've partnered with Banqer: so we can get their financial capability tool into as many Kiwi schools as possible, free of charge to the school.

What we love about it is that it’s normalising the conversation about money and Banqer students get to make decisions about their financial futures in a safe, virtual environment. They see the impacts of these decisions, good or bad, and then make conclusions about what they should do with their money in the future.

As of 2018, Banqer has been in 2,100 classrooms — and in 2019 we’re increasing that to 3,300 classrooms that will be able to use the tool at no cost. By partnering with Banqer, Kiwibank is ensuring that more Kiwi kids gain confidence and learn about money in an authentic and fun way.

Financial education for all Kiwi kids

At Kiwibank, we were blown away when we were first introduced to Banqer, and we came to the same conclusion that you’ll hopefully share: this needs to be something that every Kiwi kid can enjoy. More than 60,880 Kiwi kids are currently engaging in robust financial education and we’ve seen a great improvement in student’s money behaviours from the start of the programme to once completed. These attitudes and positive money behaviours will benefit students for the rest of their lives.

Banqer and te reo Māori

Banqer has officially launched Pēke Kā across New Zealand — the Banqer platform translated and contextualised for Māori learners. We think this is a really important step to ensure that financial literacy is inclusive and tailored for our communities. Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of Pēke Kā in the classroom.

Get your school using Banqer today

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, it’s easy to sign up to Banqer. You can refer a teacher that you know and Banqer will follow up directly to explain exactly how to start using Banqer in their classroom.