Kiwibank card designs

We're excited to launch a new suite of cards; bringing together increased accessibility and new designs while retaining our commitment to using recycled materials. This is designing cards for all Kiwi.
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This is designing cards for all Kiwi

Our new cards reflect our brand, who we are and what we stand for, as well as providing new features for improved functionality and accessibility. We've redesigned all personal and business Visa cards, including eftpos, debit and credit cards.

The card designs incorporate interpretations of a Harakeke leaf, our visual expression of the concept of thriving, reaching for the sun, alive, folding and twisting. In Te Ao Māori, a pā of Harakeke symbolise a thriving whānau and community. Find out more about our brand.

You can now choose from 4 different Visa debit designs. The new Rainbow design features Te Kahukura Kāpuia, as a symbol of the pride we have in our Rainbow Community. Kahukura references ‘multicoloured’ and Kāpuia references ‘to gather or unite as one’. We want our new cards to be a reflection of our inclusive culture, giving you the choice to stand with us in what we believe in.

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Card designs & features

Our cards have been designed with all Kiwi in mind. Learn more about the enhanced accessibility features.

Key changes to our cards

Debit card back white

The reverse of our cards now contain all the key information, as shown on our Harakeke Green Visa debit card.

  1. 1

    Easy read card number

    Your card number is now on the back of the card, in an easy to read format. It's also flat printed rather than embossed to reduce wear and tear of the card number.

  2. 2

    Directional card notch

    Your card now has an indent on the opposite side from the chip to help people with visual impairments know which way to insert the card into ATMs or EFTPOS terminals.

  3. 3

    Embossed braille

    The 'card type' is now embossed in braille on the card.

  4. 4

    Environmentally friendly

    Our cards are made from 82% recycled materials, resulting in approximately 87kg of plastic saved per year. We're proud to incorporate our B Corp Certification on the back of our cards.

  5. 5

    Easily recognise your cards

    Our business credit card is in portrait format, to help you easily recognise the difference between your personal and business cards.

  6. 6

    Cards that reflect you

    The new debit card design comes in four colourways so you can choose the card that suits you best - Harakeke Green, Night Sky, Dusk and Rainbow.

When you'll receive your new card

To ensure we don't contribute to excessive plastic waste, you can continue using your existing card until it expires. At this point you'll be sent a new card design. By default we'll be sending out the Harakeke green card to our debit and EFTPOS card customers. However, if you need to order a new card within internet banking or the mobile app, you'll be able to choose your design.