To get the best internet banking experience use the latest version of a supported browser.

Supported browsers

We recommend you use the latest version of the following supported browsers. Using a current and supported browser, with software updates applied, helps to ensure that the communication between you and the bank remains secure.

JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to use our internet banking. If JavaScript isn't activated, you’ll see a message when you try to log in. JavaScript is normally on by default in our supported browsers.

What if I don’t use the supported browsers?

Although we only support the browsers listed above, many other unsupported browsers will still work but aren’t fully tested, so certain parts of the site may not work perfectly or may not be secure. If you’re having technical issues and you’re not on a supported browser, we recommend you download one of our supported browsers above.

How do I know which browser version I’m using?

To check which browser you’re using:

  1. Open your browser and either click the ‘Help' link or ‘Settings' icon
  2. Select the ‘About’ browser option e.g. ‘About Google Chrome’