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Business banking

We've got business banking accounts, products, services, specialists and support to help you run or grow your business. This is Kiwibank Business Banking.


Helping you achieve your business goals

CANSTAR 2022-2023 - Bank of the Year - Business Bank Accounts Horizontal OL

We're thrilled to announce, we've been awarded the Canstar 2023 Bank of the Year - Business Bank Accounts Award, for the second year in a row. Learn more.

Why switch to Kiwibank?

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    Banking Kiwi

    Just like you, we’re a New Zealand business. This is home for us and we’re here for the long haul.

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    Backing Kiwi

    As a Kiwi bank, we’re focused on backing local and supporting Kiwi businesses, contributing to a stronger community and economy. We're proud that over 38,000 Kiwi businesses choose to bank with us.

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    Business banking specialists

    We believe that when you join us, we join you – our business banking specialists will work with you to find the best banking products and services for your business. Together we can do great things.

How to spot and report scams

Scams are becoming a lot more sophisticated and harder to detect, meaning that anyone can fall for them. The best way you can keep yourself safe is to be aware of common types of scams, and how these scams work.

Find out more.

Jarrod Kerr Jarrod Kerr

Economy commentary & insights

Our economists breakdown the big economic issues, locally and globally, making them relevant to Kiwi businesses.

Get inspired by Kiwibank businesses who are making an impact

Talk to a business banking specialist

Your success is important to us, so when you join us, our dedicated business banking team will work with you to find the best tools, services and banking solutions for your business.

Find a business banking specialist

Find a business banking specialist in your area. Request a call back, or call them directly.

Find a business banker

Call us

Call our business banking team on 0800 601 601, or +64 4 803 1646 if you’re calling from overseas.
Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm.