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Stay up-to-date with detailed economic analysis and forecasts from our economists who make the big issues, here and overseas, relevant to Kiwi business. Our economists provide topical and unique insights into the New Zealand economy, and contribute regular articles, videos and reports to keep you in the know.
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Our Take - Kiwibank Economics

Thursday 7 September, 2023 - "It was a cold winter, and regional activity was frost bitten in parts. Recession is a real risk."

Our Take is a detailed economic analysis from our economists, aiming to provide insight into the New Zealand economy.

Our annual regional note surveys a range of economic indicators to assess the performance of the regions. We also tap into our network of Kiwibank business bankers and mortgage managers right across the motu for their word on the street.

Our regional map looks like a recording of recent rainfall, or climate change, but instead it’s our economic output by region. Read the annual regional note

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