Global beauty brand Emma Lewisham are creating ground-breaking skincare products while also creating a 100% circular-designed skincare range.

When we decided to back global beauty company Emma Lewisham, it wasn’t just their promising entry into the vast, valuable beauty market that motivated us, but also their strong desire to reduce waste and carbon emissions in an industry that needed new thinking, and change.

Tom Williams, Kiwibank’s Head of Sustainable Finance says, “The combination of superior products and sustainability inspired us to get behind Emma Lewisham as they continued to scale internationally.

"It was Lewisham’s focus on the little-known fact that the skincare industry is a key carbon emitter also helped swing the deal. It has positioned her for success as world regulations tighten up on matters like emissions" says Williams.


Emma Lewisham says, "I could also see that the beauty industry had a serious waste and carbon problem that needed solving. No one had really uncovered that the majority of the 120 billion beauty jars and containers being produced globally were ending up in the landfill rather than being recycled due to the way they're being made."

We were the world’s first certified Climate Positive and 100% circular-designed skincare brand. This means our products have a positive environmental impact and all our packaging is designed to be refilled."

For my own health and sense of wellbeing I wanted luxurious, natural products that worked – but this didn’t exist on the market.
Emma Lewisham, CEO and co-founder

Lewisham knew it’s what’s in the jar that counts. “We have discovered a scientifically superior way of formulating skincare. It’s been described by international beauty journalists as pioneering, powerful, and a true breakthrough in what can be achieved by skincare.”

"It’s about formulating in a way that mirrors the cellular pathways of your skin and combining ingredients in a way that triggers action across multiple skin pathways in symphony" Lewisham says.

“We're proving that operating sustainably and taking responsibility for everything we produce is not only possible but prosperous.”

While that led to Lewisham’s much-prized endorsement from conservationist Dr Jane Goodall, it wasn’t an easy sell to stockists. “We knew that reusing and refilling must be the future of skincare. However, when we launched, this circular model was not prevalent at all. Many retailers told us that customers simply wouldn’t buy into it.

“We truly believed that, given the opportunity to lessen their environmental footprint and waste, customers would adapt their behaviour – and we were correct.”

Lewisham is proud of the success her products have seen internationally while being produced right here in Auckland, New Zealand.

"While we are a small country, across multiple different industries we consistently prove we can deliver world-leading products and innovations" says Lewisham.

What may be different about Emma Lewisham, but is shared among those who succeed really quickly, is having a clear purpose or problem you're trying to solve.
Tom Williams, Head of Sustainable Finance

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