Tom & Luke call their all natural, wholefood, fruit & nut Snackaballs ‘snacks of the future’…and their future is looking very healthy indeed.

Tom & Luke go big on natural

Tom & Luke’s mission is to make healthy easier. They believe real life needs real food, and are passionate about awesome food, made from simple, real ingredients that are naturally rich in nutrients. They purposefully choose ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible, and are as nutritionally beneficial as possible, nothing artificial and unnecessary.

They make delicious, healthy snacks in their custom designed, world class manufacturing plant in Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt.

Their hero products are called Snackaballs™, whole food ingredients rolled into the perfect sized bite. Firm favourites are salted caramel and peanut butter cacao, along with chocolate flavours such as dark strawberry. There's a collagen range in partnership with Dose & Co that includes bars and Snackaballs giving consumers a delicious way to take their daily dose of collagen. The newest launch is a reduced sugar range with 50% less natural sugar than their current date based Snackaballs™.

Next stop, the world

Tom and Luke started trading with their third founder in 2009 and currently employ 40 people, most of them based in Wainuiomata. They have grown over 200% since they started and are continuing to see strong growth, driven by expanding innovation projects and launches into export markets including USA, Japan and Singapore.

Key export markets are seeing fantastic growth, especially coming off the back of some difficult covid years. And there are new emerging export markets which the Tom & Luke team are starting to unlock. Exciting times are ahead for this small but mighty team.

Growing sustainably

As a small but growing New Zealand business, they’ve always been passionate about making the best possible choices in terms of reducing their impact on the environment, supporting their team and local community in their sustainability work, and generally just doing the right thing. All packaging is now 100% recyclable, and the organisation is certified net carbon zero through Toitū Envirocare.

Kiwibank by their side, all the way

The business has been with Kiwibank from the start with their Business Manager supporting their growth the whole way.

They say it helps to have a banking partner who understand the pains you’re going through at each stage of growth. A big focus recently for Tom & Luke is sustainability and Kiwibank are here to support them fully on their journey to becoming a more sustainable business.

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