If your business regularly trades overseas, consider using a foreign currency account to hold funds and make payments in another currency. You can convert your money and transfer to a New Zealand dollar account when the exchange rate suits.

Key features & benefits

  • Make and receive payments in a foreign currency.

  • Convert money into New Zealand dollars whenever the exchange rate suits.

  • Access your foreign currency account through internet banking.

How it works


Monthly account maintenance fees


Electronic transfers between your Kiwibank foreign currency accounts and NZD accounts


You should note that free transfers are only between Kiwibank accounts that are in the same name.

Inward international payment fee (into your foreign currency account)

When you receive an international payment from an overseas bank account into your foreign currency account.

NZ$12 equivalent per transfer.

Outward international payment fee: telegraphic transfers and international direct credits

When you send an international payment to an overseas bank account from your NZD account or your foreign currency account.

  • NZ$25 equivalent when done person to person at your local Kiwibank or by fax.
  • NZ$20 equivalent when done by internet banking.

With international direct credits, there are no fees for the recipient, i.e. what you send is what they get. With telegraphic transfers, other banks involved in processing the transfer may deduct fees from the amount transferred. These fees vary from bank to bank.

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