Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs)

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Pay less tax with a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE). PIE investments have a maximum tax rate of 28% on returns. This is getting a bigger slice of the pie.

Key features & benefits

  • PIE investments have special tax rules and have a maximum tax rate on returns of 28%.

  • The tax you’ll pay on any investment income from a PIE is based on your prescribed investor rate (PIR) instead of your personal income tax rate – so you could end up paying less in tax than you would on a non-PIE account or investment.

  • Available to almost everyone including companies, trusts and organisations.

  • Choose from Notice Saver, PIE Term Deposit or PIE Online Call.

How PIE funds work

  • With a PIE, the tax rate on your returns are capped at a maximum of 28%. This means you could end up paying less tax than you would on a non-PIE account or investment, which has a tax rate of up to 39%.
  • The tax rate that applies to the returns from your PIE is called your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR). You can update or check your PIR using internet banking or our mobile app.
  • You'll need to provide an IRD number to open a PIE account. You can add your IRD number using internet banking or our mobile app.

Pick the right Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR)

When you sign up for a PIE, you need to make sure you select the right PIR rate. Depending on your circumstances, your PIR will be 10.5%, 17.5% or 28%. If you need help working out your PIR, take a look at our tax information page.

If you don’t select a PIR, your rate will automatically default to the highest option – 28% – and you may end up paying a higher rate than you need to. If that happens, you won’t be able to claim back any tax you’ve overpaid. On the flip side, if you put a lower PIR than you should, you’ll be liable to pay any tax shortfall.

Work out your PIE options

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Apply now

If you’re keen to build your nest egg with a PIE fund, you can apply online.

Once your application is complete, our team will get in touch with you so make sure you have your:

  • IRD number and the IRD number of any joint applicant(s)
  • Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) if you're applying for a PIE investment
  • Passport and/or driver licence to verify your identity and your address.

If you're a business banking customer, please call 0800 601 601 or talk to our business banking managers.

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