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If you want a savings account that lets you earn good returns and have immediate access, our Online Call account is for you. This is helping to reach your savings goals faster.
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  • Great if you need immediate access to your money.

  • No minimum balance required to open an account or earn interest.

  • Can be opened at any age.

  • Add money whenever you like and leave it in your account for as long as you like.

  • Choose from an Online Call or a PIE Online Call account. PIE Online Call is a PIE investment.

How it works

PIE Online Call

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It works the same as a regular Online Call, but it could have tax advantages for you. Usually you’d pay your regular income tax on interest earned on savings accounts, which could be up to 39%. With a PIE, the maximum tax you’ll pay on the returns you earn is 28% – meaning you could keep more of your return in your pocket.

Withdrawals from a PIE Online Call go into an account that you nominate when you set up your investment. To change this account, please complete a nominated account change form.

Apply now

If you’re keen to build your nest egg with an Online Call account, you can apply online.

Once your application is complete, our team will get in touch with you so make sure you have your:

  • IRD number and the IRD number of any joint applicant(s)
  • Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) if you're applying for a PIE investment
  • Passport and/or driver licence to verify your identity and your address.

If you're a business banking customer, please call 0800 601 601 or talk to our business banking managers.

New to Kiwibank or want to talk through options?

No problem, the easiest way to apply is to complete our form and an investment specialist will call you.

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Log in to Internet Banking and go to Apply & Open to make it happen.

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