The most flexible of our home loans – a revolving home loan is like a big overdraft. You need to be disciplined, as there are no set repayments and you can withdraw or deposit money up to your credit limit whenever you like.

  • Useful if you have irregular income, as there are no fixed repayment periods.

  • You'll pay a revolving interest rate which is variable.

  • Draw down, repay and redraw money within your credit limit as often as you need to.

  • Save on interest by putting your pay into this account.

  • You might save on interest if you’re building or renovating over a longer period of time, as you can draw on money as you need it, instead of topping up your loan in one chunk.

  • It could be suitable for you if you’re good at budgeting and you’re not likely to be tempted to keep maxing out your available credit.

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