Cash contribution with a Kiwibank Home Loan

Sometimes we’ll have special offers on new home loans where we may offer you a cash contribution. This page sets out the terms and conditions of any cash contribution we may offer you.

How you may qualify for a cash contribution

If you’re given a cash contribution, it’s given on the condition you maintain your banking relationship with us for the next four years, as agreed at the date we pay the cash contribution to you.

What makes up your banking relationship

Your banking relationship is made up of:

  • Having your income (for example wages, salary or rental income) direct credited into a Kiwibank account; and
  • The lending you have or have agreed to have with us; and
  • The accounts you hold at the time we pay you the cash contribution.

If your banking relationship changes

After we pay the cash contribution to you, if we decide that your banking relationship has significantly changed (for example, you stop having your income direct credited into a Kiwibank account or you refinance your lending to another lender), we can require you to repay some or all of the cash contribution.

How we calculate any repayment

The amount we’ll claim back is calculated on a pro-rated basis based on how long it’s been since we paid you the cash contribution:

Within the

  • first year, we can claim back 100% of the cash contribution;
  • second year, we can claim back 75% of the cash contribution;
  • third year, we can claim back 50% of the cash contribution; or
  • fourth year, we can claim back 25% of the cash contribution.