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Most people underestimate the cost of replacing all their possessions — use our contents calculator to find out how much cover you may need.

You have a choice of two types of contents cover:

  • Extra cover

    Wide protection for cover from $40,000 upward

  • Everyday cover

    Good value protection with optional special benefits. Best suited for cover up to $40,000

Special benefits

Your cover is provided by Tower Insurance Limited, and includes:

  • No claims bonus

    If you haven’t made any claims with us or with your previous insurer for the last year, you’re entitled to a no claims bonus. If you don’t have any claims over the next two years you’ll qualify for an extra no claims bonus.

  • New for old

    We pay the replacement or repair costs of your furniture, furnishings and home appliances:

    • for Extra cover – it doesn’t matter how old items are; or
    • for Everyday cover – for items up to five years old,

    as well as the present day value of your other contents. This special benefit doesn’t apply to computers or their accessories.

  • Jewellery

    Cover if you suffer accidental loss or damage to your jewellery including watches. This benefit covers for the repair or replacement of any one item or set:

    • for Extra cover up to $2,500 per item or set
    • for Everyday cover up to $1,000 per item or set,

    unless it’s individually shown in the certificate of insurance as a higher limit. If you choose not to replace or repair, we’ll pay the present day value up to a maximum of 50% of the item’s replacement value.

  • Business tools

    Cover for the tools and equipment you use in your business.

    • up to $2,000 for Extra cover only
  • Keys and locks

    Cover if your house keys or remote door opener(s) are stolen, illegally copied, or the combination number of an electronic keypad for external doors becomes known to someone else without your permission.

    • up to $1,000 (excess free) for Extra cover only

  • University and boarding school extension

    Cover for your children’s contents while they’re attending university or boarding school and staying in university halls of residence, a boarding school hostel or a private home as a boarder.

    • up to $5,000 for Extra cover only

Optional special benefits

For additional premiums, you can receive additional benefits on the Extra cover option:

  • Business tools

    Increase the limit for this cover to $10,000 for property from which you get a financial return, whether for profit or not.

  • Spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids and dentures

    Cover for your spectacles, contact lenses (but not disposable contact lenses), hearing aids or dentures when they’re either lost or damaged, with no excess or excess refund. Your family can also be covered under this policy.

  • Children’s contents

    Cover your children’s things left at your house while they’re overseas, up to the sum insured.

  • Contents in storage

    Cover your belongings while they’re in a storage facility, up to the sum insured. There’s an additional excess of $500 and your belongings must be stored in a securely locked and well maintained building.

  • Contents in transit

    Get cover for your contents while they’re on the move from one permanent address to another. This option covers loss or damage up to the sum insured – caused by the transporting vehicle having a fire, colliding or overturning.

  • House under construction or alteration

    Cover your contents for damage while your house is being built or structurally altered.

For full benefit details, read the House Contents and Vehicle Insurance Policy (PDF 653.5 KB). Effective from 6 December 2016.

If your policy was issued before this date, the wording in your policy may differ. Please contact us for a copy of the policy that applies to you.

Choice of excesses

The excess is the amount that you pay for each claim. The standard excess for Contents Insurance is $250, but you can choose an amount that suits you. A higher excess will save you money by reducing your premium, while a lower excess will increase the premium.

Additional features

  • Choose the cover type that best meets your needs
  • Choice of payment options – direct debit, credit card or internet banking transfer
  • Pay your premiums monthly, quarterly or save with yearly premiums
  • 24 hour, 7 day, freephone service for emergency claim situations
  • Quick response claims handling – in most cases you’ll have answers within 48 hours, so you’ll know where you stand as soon as possible.


  • No claims discounts – up to 25%
  • Up to 20% package discount for taking out more than one type of insurance policy (House, Contents or Vehicle) with us
  • 10% discount for having a burglar alarm installed
  • Up to 31% off your contents insurance if you’re over 55.

Note: The discounts don’t apply to the levies (e.g. Fire Service and Earthquake Commission) that are included in all premiums, nor to GST, administration fees, and some Optional Special Benefits. Discount varies depending on the number/type of policies taken out.

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Make a claim

To make a claim, call us on 0800 222 491. If it’s an emergency, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

House, Contents and Vehicle Insurance are provided by Tower Insurance Limited, and Tower Insurance Limited is solely responsible for any claims under the policy. Kiwibank Limited (including its related companies) does not guarantee the obligations of, or any products provided by, Tower Insurance Limited or its related companies. Kiwibank Limited may receive a commission on any policy it arranges.

Important terms, conditions and exclusions are set out in the House Contents and Vehicle Insurance Policy (PDF 653.5 KB). Effective from 6 December 2016. If your policy was issued before this date, the wording in your policy may differ. Please contact us for a copy of the policy that applies to you.

“We”, “us”, or “our” means Tower Insurance Limited.

Tower Insurance Limited has a financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) as at 16 August 2017 from A.M. Best Company.

Rating Scale


A++, A+ Superior

A, A- Excellent

B++, B+ Good


B, B- Fair

C++, C+ Marginal

C, C- Weak

D Poor

E Under Supervision

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