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Term Deposits

You could earn higher interest than a savings account by locking away your funds until you need them.

  • Terms from 30 days to five years for amounts from $1,000 to $5 million

  • PIE options available.

Notice Saver

A great savings account if you want to earn a good rate without locking your money away for too long.

  • Keep adding money to your savings whenever you like

  • Make a withdrawal by giving either 32 or 90 days' notice

  • Interest can be paid out monthly or compounded.

Online Call

If you want immediate access to your funds, this one’s for you. There’s no fee if you need to make a withdrawal – but if you do, you’ll earn less interest.

  • Great if you need immediate access to your money

  • Keep adding money to your account whenever you like

  • PIE options available.

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Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme

The KiwiSaver scheme that gives you award-winning online tools, support and advice that can help you take control of your KiwiSaver investment.

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Private Portfolio Service

$100k or more to invest? Get tailored advice, active management and a global investment strategy with Kiwi Wealth.

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Kiwibank PIE Online Call Fund, Kiwibank PIE Term Deposit Fund and Kiwibank Notice Saver are funds within a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE). Units in Kiwibank PIE Online Call Fund, Kiwibank PIE Term Deposit Fund and Kiwibank Notice Saver are distributed by Kiwibank Limited and are issued by Kiwibank Investment Management Limited. Download the Investment Terms and Conditions (PDF 354.1 KB) or pick up a copy from your local Kiwibank.