Ways Life & Living Insurance can protect what you care about

While us Kiwi can be an optimistic lot, sometimes life doesn't always go to plan. Life & Living Insurance can protect your lifestyle and your loved ones if you can no longer work due to illness or if you pass away. The below are some ways Life & Living Insurance can help you.

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    Safeguard your income

    If you were unable to work due to illness, would you be able to cover your essential daily living expenses? Income Protection Illness cover can help with the day to day expenses like mortgage repayments, rent, groceries and electricity - leaving you to focus on getting better.

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    Help cover costs with a lump sum payment

    It's hard to imagine what we might need if we were diagnosed with a defined medical condition, like a major heart attack or severe cancer. With Serious Illness Trauma cover you choose what to do with the lump sum payment. It could cover additional costs such as extra medical care, a caregiver, to replace income, or for a holiday to recuperate.

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    Give your family time to grieve without the burden of money troubles

    If you pass away, there may be a significant financial impact on your loved ones. Life cover can help reduce stress and give those you care about time to grieve and adjust.

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    Cover your funeral

    Funeral Expenses cover is complimentary and comes with any cover you choose. It pays a lump sum payment of $15,000 if you pass away or if you get a terminal diagnosis and are expected to die within the next 12 months. This can help your loved ones meet funeral expenses without financial stress or worry.

Work out what cover is best for you

Life & Living Insurance offers flexible choices for cover, so that you can best protect what's important to you. You can choose Life cover, Serious Illness Trauma cover, Income Protection Illness cover or a combination. Funeral Expenses cover is complimentary with whichever cover is chosen.

Calculate your cover using the Life & Living Insurance estimator over at nib.co.nz to guide you on the type of insurance that may be right for you.

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