You’ve done the hard yards and pulled together a house deposit, now it’s time to find the right home and get it for the right price.

The process and your home loan options will vary depending on if you’re a first-time buyer, building a home, buying your next home or hoping to buy an investment property.

Handy terms to know while you look for a home

  1. Asking price

    The advertised price for a property - the price you actually pay can be different.

  2. Market value

    An estimate of the property value right now – that is, what a buyer would be prepared to pay and what a seller would accept for the property at a point in time.

  3. Rateable value (RV)

    The value placed on a property by the local council for rating purposes (also known as the Government Valuation or GV).

Next steps to buying a home


Set your mortgage up in a way that works with your finances and your lifestyle.


Moving into your home

Get ready for settlement day and prepare to move into your new home.


Managing your home loan

Make sure that as your life changes, your home loan is still a good fit.