Community & partnerships

We're committed to helping making customers, communities and Aotearoa better off. So we've partnered with organisations who can help us to achieve this, whether it's boosting kids' financial literacy, providing Kiwi with tools to feel more secure, or celebrating exceptional New Zealanders. Together we can make a difference.

Celebrating great New Zealanders

New Zealander of the Year Awards

We've been sponsoring the New Zealander of the Year Awards for more than a decade, honouring extraordinary Kiwi whose selflessness, creativity and vision make us proud to call New Zealand home.

Helping Aotearoa thrive

Banking on the next generation

Building financial literacy with Banqer

We're passionate about growing the financial literacy of the next generation. That's why we partner with Banqer to enable primary and secondary school classrooms throughout the country to prepare for the financial world ahead.

Our purpose

We're passionate about creating a sustainable future for our customers, communities and the beautiful environment that we have in New Zealand. We do this across four key pillars - climate change, financial wellbeing, being inclusive and running our business responsibly.