Protecting our environment

As a financial services organisation with branches and offices around the country, we know that caring for our environment is the key to our future, so we aim to fiercely protect our natural environment and work hard to reduce our carbon footprint.

Department of Conservation

We partner with the Department of Conservation to increase the capacity of the world-class conservation dogs – highly trained dogs and handlers that protect our native species and track down the predators that threaten them.

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Trees That Count

We believe that every little change can make a big difference, so we’re working with Trees That Count to help restore two forests by planting 10,000 native trees over 2017 – 2018.

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Sustainable Energy Loan

We offer our home loan customers a contribution towards the cost of a renewable energy system for their home to help them achieve financial and environmental independence.

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Making money work for Kiwis

We believe that all Kiwis should be equipped to make their money work for them so they can get ahead in life. That’s why we partner with great organisations that are making Kiwis better off every single day.


We support Banqer to get their online financial literacy tool into as many Kiwi schools as possible and enable classrooms to access the platform free of charge.

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Mind Over Money

We teamed up with psychologist Nigel Latta and TVNZ to explore New Zealanders' relationship with money and how we can all train ourselves to handle our money better.

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Ngā Tangata Microfinance & Aviva

We partner with Ngā Tangata Microfinance Trust and Aviva to provide interest-free microfinance loans to help Kiwis on low incomes reduce the burden of high-interest debt.

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Other ways we’re making money manageable for everyone:

  • We're proud to be a distributor of Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme, whose funds are all certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia and who have innovative tools such as Future You® to help members take control of their retirement savings.
  • We recognise that dealing with finances can seem complicated, so we use plain English in our written documents and website and aim to talk about banking in a way everyone understands.
  • We provide tools to help Kiwis make informed decisions about their finances. This includes our Help me save! calculator, account selector and first home buyer's guide. Our guide to independence also aims to help Kiwis take steps to financial independence.

Supporting our community

We want to make a positive impact on New Zealand communities and recognise those who are making a difference. Whether it's using our volunteer leave to support local causes or investing in great initiatives, we're committed to making Kiwis better off.

New Zealander of the Year

We just celebrated 10 years as a sponsor of the New Zealander of the Year Awards, honouring extraordinary Kiwis whose selflessness, creativity and vision make us proud to call New Zealand home.

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Stepping UP

We’re working with Stepping UP to support our communities to gain digital skills. With them, we have developed a new module called Digital Banking which will be offered at community centres and libraries around the country.

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Employees of Kiwibank can take a paid volunteer day every year. Through volunteering, we support New Zealand by sharing our expertise, skills and resources to make a positive impact on our wider communities.

Other things we do to show we care for New Zealand communities:

  • We work with Housing New Zealand to provide Kāinga Whenua home loans, allowing the financing for whanau to build homes on their multiple-owned land.
  • We offer a payroll giving scheme to make it simple for Kiwibank employees to donate to causes that they care about.

Helping organisations thrive financially

As a bank, we aim to grow and support key sectors that have the most potential to create a better future for Kiwis.

Ākina Foundation

We partner with Ākina Foundation to build the social enterprise sector in New Zealand, helping create businesses that are both resilient and work towards having a positive impact to society.

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FinTech Accelerator

We're on our third year of facilitating the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator programme which supports Kiwi start-ups to build, launch, and expand products/services into global markets.

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Community enterprise accounts

We offer special accounts for non-profit organisations – they pay no account management or transaction fees on our transaction or savings accounts and investments.

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Running a sustainable organisation

As a proud New Zealand organisation, we believe we have a responsibility to operate sustainably, and an opportunity to create positive social impact, both within the financial industry and beyond.

Guiding principles

We recognise that we have an obligation to all New Zealanders and to New Zealand in the way we conduct our business. To help people understand how we operate, we’ve set out some guiding principles which explain how we work with our customers and community.

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Sustainable procurement

We work with our suppliers to embed sustainability through our supply chain as well as encourage good practice within their own. This includes our Supplier Code of Conduct and regular surveys with our top suppliers to understand how they’re performing.

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Other things we do to operate sustainably:

  • We have a committee made up of senior leaders and customer facing representatives that set our ethical standards. They review how we’re operating to ensure that we’re doing business in a way that’s in line with our guiding principles.
  • Our new corporate office in Wellington has a five Green Star rating by the New Zealand Green Building Council.
  • Our branch uniforms are upcycled into usable garments or bags through various charities to ensure we’re offering an income stream for them whilst managing our waste responsibly.
  • We monitor and manage our carbon emissions including our electricity, waste, travel and paper.

Let's make New Zealand a better place together

Got a suggestion for something we could do to make New Zealand a better place? We’d love to hear from you — send us your feedback and ideas.

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