Social media community guidelines

We’re on social media to keep you up to date, answer questions or chat about our mahi to support Kiwi get ahead. Here are our guidelines to keep conversations secure and friendly.

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Community guidelines

Our social channels are to be used with kindness and respect. For that reason, we have community guidelines to follow when engaging with us:

  • Keep your personal banking details safe and secure. Our social media channels are in the public domain and your privacy is super important. Please don’t post any personal or confidential information on our social media channels – this includes things like your bank account number, passwords, and contact details. If you have questions about your accounts, please contact us via secure mail or phone so we can verify your identity first. We’ll never ask for your banking details over social media.
  • Play nice. We respect there’ll be stuff you feel strongly about, but please respect other members of our community. We won’t tolerate abusive or offensive comments, spam or repeat messages, hate speech, defamatory comments, or any posts containing profanity. We determine what meets this criteria, and will moderate or delete content that goes against these guidelines.
  • External content may be removed. We’ll remove posts and comments that advertise irrelevant content or external companies, solicit for a business or cause, or include links or material that may cause security breaches. These can often be scams targeting our customers.
  • Stick to the law. Anyone who participates in or encourages illegal activity will be immediately banned from our pages. You’ll also need to respect the rules/community standards of the social media channel when chatting with us. You’re responsible for ensuring that your posts/comments don’t infringe on any party’s intellectual property rights. We’ll remove comments if they go against these standards.
  • We reserve the right to moderate or delete any comments, posts, or other contributions solely at our discretion. This includes (but isn’t limited to) those which are:
    • Subject to legal, regulatory or ombudsman proceedings
    • Posted by fake accounts
    • A breach of someone’s confidentiality, security, or privacy
    • Causing undue discomfort or concern to our staff or visitors
    • Otherwise not in the spirit of these guidelines.
  • We reserve the right to block and/or report you to the relevant social media platform and other authorities if you repeatedly behave on our social media channels in a way that breaches these guidelines.

Our social media content is considered general information and isn't intended as regulated financial advice. We will not use social media channels to give you advice that takes into account your personal circumstances. To review your specific situation and financial requirements, please contact us.