Our purpose is built around three big goals; Tamariki are better off, Kiwi are better off and Aotearoa is better off. This drives everything we do to ensure we're making a real difference as a business.

Tamariki are better off

We want to ensure that future generations of Kiwi are financially equipped for success, so we support all tamariki having access to quality financial education by 2030. Here's how we're currently playing our part.

Kiwi are better off

We want to help Kiwi focus on what really matters to them by supporting two million Kiwi to take action to be secure in their financial future by 2030. Here's how we're ensuring this happens.

Aotearoa is better off

To ensure Aotearoa is a better place for this generation and the next, we'll provide $2 billion of financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises towards their sustainability journey by 2030.

Our sustainability approach

As part of being a purpose-led business, we know that we need to run our business in a way that helps our customers, our people, the communities we operate in and the environment.

Being inclusive

We want to uplift the wellbeing of our people and suppliers through a range of initiatives, from championing a diverse and inclusive workforce to ensuring our people and key suppliers are paid living wage.