Kiwibank was established with a clear purpose: to make Kiwi better off. As we look to the next 20 years, our new brand direction builds on our legacy with a strong cultural foundation and digital first lens to reflect the modernity and progressiveness of a strong consistent Kiwi identity - a thriving Aotearoa.

As part of acknowledging our 20th anniversary, we’ve revitalised our brand to better represent what our customers and communities have told us they want from their bank. Our refreshed brand better reflects the bank we are today and the ambition we have for the future and is a strong representation of the modern, progressive and inclusive country we have become.

A brand is a precious asset. It lets people know who we are, what we stand for and what we care about. What was current and relevant 20 years ago needs to be treasured but it also needs to evolve to reflect who we want to be. As we come of age it's a great time to reflect on the ambition we hold for the future.
Steve Jurkovich, Chief Executive
Tohu pattern 09 65% Tohu pattern 09 65%

This is Kiwibank

The new identity and logo are inspired by the concept of a thriving Aotearoa and was designed around the te ao Māori metaphor for a thriving whānau and community which is symbolised in pā harakeke.

Inspiration from the Harakeke plant

In te ao Māori, a pā of Harakeke symbolise a thriving whānau and community. The outer leaves are the tūpuna, our ancestors, representing knowledge and wisdom. The inner leaves, the mātua or parents which protect and nurture the central new shoots, being the tamariki or children – the next generation and future growth. It’s a metaphor of our brands promise and expression and represents where we are today and where we’re going.


Our new logo is formed of a Harakeke leaf reaching for the sun - alive, folding and twisting.

The folding Harakeke leaf is the hero of our identity system along with the wordmark. The frame is open, made from a slender leaf that can frame our stories.

The combination of both the dark and bright green along with the fold delivers three-dimensionality and again is inspired by the Harakeke leaf. The darker green being the shaded side of the leaf whilst the brighter is the side lit by the sun. The greens represent the best of Kiwibank and the introduction of black and white are synonymous with New Zealand.

Our brand colours are born of the Harakeke plant. They’re a nod to our past and an expression of our future.

  • Karerā | Bright Green | The pursuit of growth
  • Kākāriki | Dark Green | The mana of the great trees of the forest, maturity
  • Te Pō | Black | The realm of potential
  • Puāwai | Dusk | The flower blossom a metaphor of a healthy plant, where the bellbirds land to sing
  • Te Ao Mārama | Clear & White | The colour of enlightenment and aspiration

Tohu | Symbols

As part of the new identity, multi-disciplinary Māori artist Tristan Marler (Manawa Tapu) designed a set of tohu (cultural motifs or symbols) that represent our brand attributes. The Harakeke leaf forms the tohu and patterns that convey the three pathways toward a thriving community; Kia Marama, Kia Maia and Kia Manaaki.

Kia Manaaki / Show Heart

Kia Manaaki 2

The Patiki pattern communicates balance between people and environment to produce a thriving, resilient community that can manaaki, or care, for others. When the environment is thriving, it enables people to thrive.

Kia Mārama / Know How

Kia Mārama 3

The Poutama pattern symbolises the pathway to higher states of enlightenment. It represents attaining knowledge that helps communities thrive. It inspires us to seek new and innovative solutions for the evolving needs of our customers.

Kia Maia / Be Bold

Kia Māia 2

The Niho Taniwha pattern symbolises strength in leadership to navigating new pathways. It encourages us to represent our communities with courageous leadership, helping people participate and pursue their aspirations to thrive economically and culturally.

The Kiwibank Wardrobe

To better reflect modern Aotearoa, we've collaborated with five leading local designers Barkers, Jen Sievers, Kiri Nathan, Little Yellow Bird and Standard Issue, to reimagine the workplace wardrobe. We're excited to launch the 46-piece collection which considers choice, accessibility, gender neutrality, and cultural and religious preferences to encourage our people to express their individuality.

KB wardrobe updated 1536x1020

Kiwibank card designs

We want our cards to be a reflection of our inclusive culture, giving you the choice to stand with us in what we believe in. Our card designs incorporate interpretations of a Harakeke leaf, our visual expression of the concept of thriving, reaching for the sun, alive, folding and twisting. In Te Ao Māori, a pā of Harakeke symbolise a thriving whānau and community.

There are four different Visa debit card designs. The Rainbow design features Te Kahukura Kāpuia (referencing 'multicoloured', and ‘to gather or unite as one’), as a symbol of the pride we have in our Rainbow Community.

Card designs video cover (straight)

Where we’re heading

Our new identity will be consistent everywhere. It’s a journey and an intent and is something we’re committed to doing for all our customers.

Enabling get ahead Kiwi to thrive is at the core of our new identity and is represented both visually and overtime will be embodied by everything that we say and do. It helps us look ahead on how we deliver on our purpose of making Kiwi better off.