We need to be confident that our suppliers meet their responsibilities of being a Kiwibank supplier, from practicing our Supplier Code of Conduct to working responsibly to minimise risk and proactively adding value to our business.

Supplier code of conduct

The goal of the Kiwibank Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) is to positively influence the supply chain. This means enabling and supporting suppliers to review their current approach to sustainability and make tangible improvements that will benefit their business and ours, as well as society and the environment.

This Code outlines the expectations we have of all our suppliers, their suppliers or sub-contractors. For further details, please refer to our Supplier Code of Conduct

Standard purchase order terms

Unless we make other arrangements with you, our Standard Purchase Order Terms apply to purchases we make. For further details, please refer to our Standard Purchase Order Terms.

Compliance to standards

As the regulatory environment of banking becomes more complex, it’s important that we can demonstrate to our stakeholders that we’re working responsibly to minimise risk and protect customers, while working with suppliers to help deliver Kiwis a great banking experience.

This means that if you want to supply Kiwibank, we may check that you meet certain mandated supplier assurance requirements both before and throughout our relationship. This may include, for example:

  • Anti-bribery
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cyber security
  • Information security
  • Environmental management
  • Records management
  • Sustainability practices
  • Employment practices
  • Health & safety