Kiwibank Code of Banking Responsibility

At Kiwibank we're committed to providing the best value banking for New Zealanders. This drives everything we do in providing finance and banking services. It also recognises that as a business we have an obligation to all New Zealanders and to New Zealand in the way we conduct our business.

Code of Banking Practice

To help ensure we meet our obligations to New Zealand, Kiwibank has signed up to the Code of Banking Practice, which sets out best industry practice and what banks will do for customers. Download a copy of the New Zealand Bankers' Association Code of Banking Practice 2018 (PDF 349.4 KB)or visit the New Zealand Bankers' Association website for the text version.

Kiwibank recognises that the broader impacts of conducting business in New Zealand can reach further than the direct impact of our actual operations. In addition to the Code of Banking Practice, Kiwibank applies a set of guiding principles for the benefit of our customers, while also using our influence as an organisation, an investor, and a lender, to make a positive contribution to our communities, the environment and New Zealand.

These guiding principles will be supported by management practices and systems. These will ensure that these principles are shared throughout Kiwibank and that these principles are applied across our business.

Our guiding principles

  • Kiwibank respects the needs, desires and rights of its customers.
  • Kiwibank is sensitive to the culture, context and needs of the community in which we do business. The ethical decisions that Kiwibank must make are guided by the values of the community that we serve.
  • Kiwibank will not provide service to customers who are engaged in activities that are considered to be ethically undesirable.
  • Kiwibank will not break the law and will not provide banking services to customers involved in illegal activities.
  • Kiwibank will treat all people with courtesy and respect.
  • Kiwibank will provide its customers with sufficient information regarding its lending and investment products so that they can make informed financial decisions.
  • Kiwibank will not offer its customers debt that they cannot afford to repay and will assist customers if their circumstances change.
  • Kiwibank promotes sustainable development in operating its business.
  • Kiwibank considers suppliers on the basis of quality, cost, and social and environmental performance.
  • Kiwibank is a voice for change in the banking industry to make responsible banking real for all New Zealanders.

If you have any feedback or an enquiry about our code of banking responsibility, please email