Kiwibank codes of conduct

At Kiwibank, everything we do is driven by our purpose – Kiwi making Kiwi better off. We recognise we have an obligation to all New Zealanders, and to New Zealand, to conduct our business responsibly and ethically.

Code of Banking Practice

To help ensure we meet our obligations to New Zealand, Kiwibank has signed up to the Code of Banking Practice, which sets out best industry practice and what banks will do for customers. Download a copy of the New Zealand Bankers' Association Code of Banking Practice 2021 or visit the New Zealand Bankers' Association website.

The Kiwibank Code

Our code of conduct – The Kiwibank Code – represents our commitment to do what’s right and sets out the standards expected of everyone working for and with Kiwibank. We do what’s right by working side by side to find the best possible outcomes for our customers, while protecting the strength of our business and reputation.

The Kiwibank Code serves as our overarching conduct and ethics framework. It illustrates our commitment to always act with integrity, live our values and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We understand our responsibility to earn our customers' trust every day.

The Kiwibank Code is accessible and available to everyone who works at Kiwibank, so we’re all on the same page. By clarifying the expectations of our people, we hold ourselves and each other accountable, empowering our people to make the right decisions and exercise good judgment.

Download The Kiwibank Code.

If you have any feedback or an enquiry about our code of conduct, see our feedback page to find out how to provide this.