Sometimes you just want a bit of certainty in life. That’s what you get with a fixed rate home loan – the confidence of knowing exactly how much your regular mortgage repayments will be. No change in interest rates during your fixed term and no surprises.

Benefits at a glance

Interest rates are subject to change.

  • Budget with certainty, as you’ll know what your repayments will be

  • Lock in an interest rate for terms from six months to five years

  • Some flexibility – you can make extra payments each year of up to 5% of what your loan amount is when the fixed interest rate term starts

  • If interest rates rise during the term of your fixed loan, you won’t be affected

Fixing for a set amount of time

With a fixed rate home loan, you sign up to a fixed interest rate on your mortgage for a set amount of time. So even if interest rates rise, your payments stay the same because you’ve locked in your rate. However, the same is true if interest rates fall – you won’t be able to take advantage of lower rates – unless you’re willing to break out of your fixed rate, which may involve paying a fixed rate break cost.

Watch the video below to understand the basics of a fixed rate home loan.

Making extra repayments

There's still wiggle room with a fixed rate mortgage. You can make extra repayments in any year of a fixed term loan of up to 5% of the loan amount at the start of the fixed term.

You can do this by increasing your regular repayments or making lump sum payments.

  • If you want to make a lump sum repayment of more than the 5% extra, you could be charged a lump sum repayment fee and potentially also a fixed rate break cost.
  • If you want the option to make extra repayments, you might be better to keep part of your loan on a variable rate – you can make extra repayments on this part whenever you like.

To make an extra payment or change your regular payments, send us a secure mail or contact our home loan team on 0800 000 654.

When the fixed term is up

When your fixed term is coming to an end, you can:

You can refix your home loan up to 30 days in advance of your current fixed term expiring.

If you don't refix your home loan at the end of your fixed term, it will automatically roll on to a variable interest rate.

Mix it up

You don’t have to go all in on a fixed rate mortgage. You could have the benefit of both fixed and variable home loans, by putting part of your home loan on a fixed rate – giving you certainty about how much you’ll be paying on that amount for a set time – and part of it on a floating rate – giving you the flexibility to make higher payments if you’d like. Or, you could take more than one fixed term.

Breaking a fixed rate term

If for any reason you decide you want to break your fixed rate contract – say for example, interest rates are falling and you want to try to get a better rate, or you come into some money and want to pay the loan off, or you get a pay rise and want to make extra repayments over the 5% annual limit – you may have to pay a fixed rate break cost.

See how we calculate break costs.

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Interest rates are subject to change.