Compare home loan rates & fees

Compare Kiwibank Home Loan interest rates, plus take a look at our fees and limits. Find out about our standard and optional fees, and if you can make extra repayments on your fixed-term home loan.

Interest rates

1First Home Loans and Kāinga Whenua Loans with less than 20% equity, special interest rates apply (effective from 1 October 2023).

2For all bridging loans, the interest rate will be 1% p.a. above Kiwibank's variable interest rate.

3Our offset ratio is 1. This means that for every $1 held in an offset account, $1 of lending is offset.

A default interest rate, which is your current interest rate plus 5% p.a. may be charged on each amount that is either overdue or over the limit of your home loan.

Standard home loan fees

Demand fee

When we demand payment of all amounts outstanding under your home loan because you are in default.

  • $25 per demand.

When we pay local authority rates that are due on security provided for your home loan.

  • $12 per payment to the local authority.

Discharge of security fee

When you ask us to fully discharge your mortgage or security.

  • $35 per request.

When you ask us to partially discharge your mortgage or security.

  • $70 per request.

Fixed rate break costs

Prior to the end of the current fixed term, when you ask to:

  • pay all amounts owing on your term loan early; or
  • pay any part of your term loan early where the total of that payment and any other amounts that you have paid early during that year of your fixed rate period is more than the early repayment limit; or
  • change the interest rate on your term loan during your fixed rate period (for example, change to our variable rate or to another fixed rate) and we agree.

The amount of the costs varies depending on the current interest rates and how long the fixed term has left to run. The way we calculate fixed rate break costs is described in Kiwibank’s Home Loan Terms & Conditions.

Loan restructure fee

When you ask us to change your existing home loan and/or security by:

  • splitting or combining existing loans; or
  • changing the type of an existing loan.

$25 per change.


When you ask us to change your existing home loan and/or security by:

  • changing the identity of the borrower; or
  • changing the identity of the guarantor; or
  • changing the identity of the owner of the security; or
  • changing the security.

$50 per change.


Where we’re changing multiple existing loans, the fee applies per changed loan.

We don't charge fees for the following changes:

  • changing the repayment type on an existing loan from principal and interest to interest only; or
  • changing the term or interest only period of an existing loan; or
  • changing an existing variable loan to a fixed loan; or
  • refixing an existing fixed loan; or
  • changing an existing loan to an offset variable loan.

Top up fee

When you ask us for additional lending on an existing home loan.

  • $95 per top-up.

Kāinga Ora – Lenders' Mortgage Insurance Fee

A Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance premium is payable to Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities to insure your First Home Loan or Kāinga Whenua Loan. This fee reimburses Kiwibank for the Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance premium Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities charge to Kiwibank.

  • The amount of this fee is 0.50% of the loan amount and can be added to the loan.

Optional home loan service fees

Consent fee

When your solicitor requests our consent to one of the following:

  • Registrations affecting land titles such as depositing of a unit plan, easement, encumbrance, covenant, subdivision or cross lease (where no new mortgage required), variation of a lease;
  • Priorities work including changes to a Memorandum of Priority, Deeds of Priority and/or Subordination;
  • and other consent related activity of a similar nature.

$30 per request.

Courier costs

When you ask us to deliver documents to you by courier either within New Zealand or overseas.

Fixed rate lock option fee

When you ask us for a fixed rate lock option.

The amount of the fee may vary depending on the amount you want to lock in and how long you want to lock it in for. The amount of the fee will be set out in the Fixed Rate Lock Option Agreement.

Investigation fee

When you ask us to investigate something about your home loan that does not relate to the usual day to day operation of your home loan.

  • $60 per hour. Minimum fee $15.

Refinancing package fee

When you choose to use our Refinancing Package, you will be using Kiwibank’s legal transfer service instead of using your own solicitor.

To qualify for the Refinancing Package free of charge, you will need to meet certain criteria:

  • your home loan needs to be at least $50,000;
  • you have 20% equity in the property being used as security;
  • the ownership of the properties isn’t changing and your home loan is secured by a maximum of two securities;
  • there aren’t any guarantors on your home loan;
  • the documentation must be signed by the property’s owner (not a power of attorney);
  • the refinance can’t form part of a series of same day transactions;
  • if you are using an apartment, townhouse or leasehold property as your security, you will need to obtain (and pay for) a registered valuation; and
  • the Refinancing Package is not available for business banking purposes.

Note: Your existing lender may charge break costs or discharge fees and these aren’t covered as part of the Refinancing Package.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you may still be able to use our Refinancing Package to refinance to Kiwibank, however you will need to pay a Refinancing Package fee.

This fee reflects the legal and other services carried out by Kiwibank agents. The Refinancing Package fee is calculated as follows:

  • $250 per loan; and
  • $150 per additional security after the first two.

If you want to refinance to Kiwibank without choosing to use our Refinancing Package, you will need to use your own solicitor. Your solicitor’s fees will not be covered by Kiwibank.

Early repayment limit

An early repayment limit applies to all home loans with a fixed term interest rate.

You can make extra payments of up to 5% of your original loan amount each year, either through increased repayments or lump sum payments. If your extra payments go over this 5% limit, you could face fixed rate break costs.

With a variable home loan you're able to make as many additional payments as you'd like. You can make lump sum payments on your variable home loan via our mobile app at no extra cost.

Example 1: lump sum payment

On the 10th of October 2020, you place a loan with a balance of $100,000 on a fixed interest rate for two years. Each year you'd like to pay a lump sum off your fixed term loan without incurring fixed rate break costs.

  • In the year 10/10/2020 – 09/10/2021, you are able to pay a lump sum of $5,000 (5% of $100,000 – the amounts owing on the fixed loan at the start date of the fixed term); and
  • In the year 10/10/2021 – 09/10/2022, you are able to pay a further lump sum of $5000 (5% of $100,000).

Example 2: repayments above the minimum repayment amount

On the 10th of October 2020, you place a loan with a balance of $120,000 on a fixed interest rate for two years.

You realise you're in a position to make a repayment higher than the minimum repayment of $2,000 per month. You may increase your repayment for the fixed term up to $2,500 per month. This is made up of the minimum repayment of $2,000 plus 5% of the amounts owing on the fixed loan divided by 12 months ($2,000 + (5% × $120,000 / 12)).

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