If you want to turn over a new, green leaf you can top up your home loan to install an eligible sustainable energy system and we’ll kick in some cash to help you pay if off faster.

Benefits at a glance

  • If you borrow more than $5,000, we’ll contribute up to $2,000 over four years towards the cost of the system - $800 at the end of the first year and $400 at the end of each of the following three years

  • If you’re already a Kiwibank Home Loan customer, we’ll waive the home loan top-up fee

How it works

Eligible systems

You can use the loan for solar power, small-scale hydro, wind energy or geothermal resources. The system you buy has to be for sale to the general public, have at least a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and be supplied and installed by a company that’s a member of the Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand (SEANZ). The Sustainable Energy Loan has to be taken out at either the time the system is installed, or when you get an agreement for installation. The loan is not available for commercial business purposes.


The Sustainable Energy Loan is a variable rate home loan. The minimum loan term is seven years, the maximum term is 10 years. It's not available with offset mortgage or revolving credit home loans.

Topping up your home loan

If you already have a Kiwibank Home Loan, you may be able to top it up to pay for an eligible sustainable energy system. We’ll waive the home loan top-up fee.

Switching your loan

If you’re switching your home loan to Kiwibank and need additional lending to buy an eligible sustainable energy system, part of your loan will count as the Sustainable Energy Loan and our contributions will be added to that.

Building a new home

If you’re building a new house that has a sustainable energy system included in the cost of the property, part of your loan will count as the Sustainable Energy Loan and our contributions will be added to that.

Green your home loan

If you're ready to go, fill out our online application form to apply for a home loan. If you'd like to add a sustainable energy loan to an existing home loan, get in touch with our home loan team on 0800 000 654.

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