How it works

  • Securely email our Online Customer Service team or give us a call on 0800 000 654, and we’ll increase your regular payments or move the lump sum across for you.
  • A lump sum payment needs to be at least $1,000 on fixed rate home loans.

If you’ve got a fixed rate home loan, get us to check that you won’t be paying more than 5% extra of your loan balance in a year. If you do, you could be charged a lump sum repayment fee, a fixed rate break cost, or an early exit fee. More about fixed rate break costs

You could save a lot and get mortgage free faster by upping your repayments by just $20 a week. Check out our repayments calculator to see the difference.

Putting spare cash into your home loan rather than into a savings account can work out much better for you, because the amount you’d save in interest on your home loan probably outweighs the interest you’d earn. This is great if you’ve got a variable portion of your loan, because you won’t be charged any fees for additional payments.

Or, with our offset mortgage, you can link your savings and everyday accounts to your mortgage, and only pay interest on the difference between them. Your savings are still separate (unlike a revolving credit loan), but the more you save, the less interest you’ll pay on your home loan. Check it out here for more details and conditions.


Keep the same repayments when interest rates drop so you’re paying more than you need to. Because you’re already used to paying this amount, you won't even notice.

What it costs

There is no fee to increase payments unless you pay more than 5% extra off your fixed rate home loan in a year. There is a $40 fee for making a lump sum payment on your fixed component when it exceeds our early repayment limit. Find out more about our early repayment limit.