Talk to us about:

  • reducing your repayments to the minimum regular amount

  • applying for a repayment holiday

  • restructuring your loan

  • applying for an interest-only loan.

How it works

Repayment holidays and interest-only loans

Good if you’re going through a rough patch and need to free up some extra cash temporarily.

  • A repayment holiday means you pay nothing at all on your home loan for an agreed amount of time. Your loan continues to be charged interest while you’re not making any repayments, so it should be a last resort, and for only as long as you need.
  • An interest-only loan does what it says on the tin — while it’s in place, you only have to pay the interest on your loan. Your loan principal won’t go down, but it also won’t go up — and just paying the interest means your repayments will be lower.

Reducing your repayments

If things have changed and money is tight, we might be able to restructure your loan so your minimum repayments are less. Give us a call and we’ll try to restructure your loan so you’ll pay as little as possible in the long run.

Financial hardship

Life doesn't always go to plan. If you're going through financial hardship, get in touch to see if we can help.

The sooner you talk to us, the better.

Contact Kiwibank on 0800 222 224 to start the conversation early.