• Switch your current home loan, including your fixed rates, over to the new property.

  • Apply to increase your home loan if you need to.

  • Arrange a bridging loan to cover the time between buying the new house and selling the old one.

How it works

Switching your home loan to another property

We can usually switch your current home loan straight over to the new property. Any fixed rates you’ve got will stay the same till the end of their current term, and if you’re borrowing more for the new house, you can set it up as an extra part of your home loan.

If you have to pay for your new house before you’ve sold the old one, you might need a bridging loan. Once you’ve sold the old house, we’ll switch your home loan over to the new property, and pay off the bridging loan.

Bridging loans

Bridging loans are short-term loans to bridge the gap between buying a new house and selling your old one.

While you have a bridging loan, you’ll be making payments on two loans — your existing loan (at your current repayment rate), and the bridging loan. Interest is charged on the bridging loan at 1% above our standard variable rate.

Apply now

Give our home loans team a call on 0800 000 654.

If you’re even thinking about buying a new house, give us a call to talk through your options. We can let you know how much extra you might be able to borrow, if you need to, and whether you’ll be able to switch your current home loan over to the new house when you buy it.