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Repayments & structuring calculator

Looking to fine tune the structure of your home loan? Use this calculator to compare different term loan structures, interest rates and repayment amounts.

You could win one of 15 $1,000 cash prizes

Wanting to know what your repayments or structure of your home loan could look like? We've got the experts that can help you.

Use the below repayments and structuring calculator, and share your results with our home loan specialists between 1 February 2024 to 28 February 2024 to go into the draw to win one of 15 $1,000 cash prizes. Only Kiwi who don't currently have a home loan with Kiwibank are eligible for the prize draw. The 'borrow more' calculator is excluded. You may only enter the prize draw once.

Terms and conditions apply.

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    Use the below home loan calculator

    Compare different scenarios in the below home loan calculator.

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    Complete the 'Talk to a specialist' form

    Share your results with our home loan specialists by clicking the 'Talk to us' button at the bottom of the calculator, then fill in your details on the form. One of our specialists will be in touch.

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    You're in the draw

    You're in the draw to win one of 15 $1,000 cash prizes. Good luck!

Things to know about this calculator:

When comparing options, the calculator identifies the option where you'll pay the least in total interest (compared against the option where you'd pay the most in total interest).

Where you’ve split your home loan into two or more portions, total repayment means the combined repayments for all portions of the loan. Once a portion of the loan has been repaid, your total repayment amount will reduce accordingly.

Interest rates are based on having a minimum of 20% equity.

To calculate results and compare options, it assumes:

  • *The interest rate selected remains the same for the relevant loan term. Realistically, the interest rate is likely to change over the relevant loan term
  • You make all your repayments in full and on time
  • You pay the minimum required, and don't make any additional lump sum payments or borrow more under the loan
  • Your repayment amounts are calculated on a 'principal + interest basis' for the loan term and therefore doesn't work for revolving loans.

Generally you’ll need 20% equity. In limited circumstances we may lend to borrowers with a minimum of 10% equity but this is subject to loan-to-value ratio (LVR) restrictions.

This calculator is intended to provide general information only and is based on the details you provide. It doesn’t take into account your personal financial situation or goals. Therefore this isn’t financial advice, nor is it a quote or an offer of finance from Kiwibank Limited.