Things to arrange

Notice, bond and rent payments

If you’re currently flatting, make sure you give your landlord notice. You may need to apply to get your bond back.

Note: Don’t forget to cancel any automatic payments for your rent or current bills.


Get movers’ quotes or book a truck well in advance. Allow time to clean your new home between getting the keys and moving your things in – it’s a lot easier when it’s empty.

Power, phone, internet, SKY

Arrange to have things disconnected at your old place and reconnected in your new home. You may be able to keep your power company and phone number, if you’re moving in the same area. If not, you may have to give notice or pay a fee to break your contract.

Contents insurance

If you have current contents insurance, remember to change your address – and make sure your belongings will be covered in transit.

Change of address

Get New Zealand Post to redirect your mail – and make sure family and friends know your new mailing address. You can get 'change of address' cards free from a PostShop.

Don’t forget to change your address for deliveries like papers and magazines, and online accounts like Amazon and Trade Me – you won’t lose your Address Verified status on Trade Me when you update your details.

Organise your move with the previous owners

If you’re moving in and out on the same day, you’ll need to talk to the previous owners and figure out the timing. It’s also a good idea to ask the house – and anything unique like alarm details, what they’ve planted in the garden or the names of paint colours. Don’t forget to get their forwarding address – and to give yours to the new tenants in your flat.

Settlement day

On settlement day, your lawyer will check that the rates and utilities are all paid up and prepare a settlement statement, which they’ll send to the bank. The bank then pays the amount of your home loan (and any savings you’re putting in) to your lawyer, who’ll send it on to the seller or their lawyer.

Once the funds are received by the seller, your lawyer will arrange the keys for you to pick up. They’ll also send you a copy of the completed Title, registering the property in your name, and a settlement statement showing you where all the money went!

You’ll usually get the keys around midday – and then you’re ready to move in!