Myth 1

Mortgage Managers are totes scary and double totes unapproachable!

The classic mortgage manager myth is of a scary old grumpus behind a giant desk, lauding over the marble halls of finance, poised to deny home buyers their dreams.

The reality

Nik is about as far away from this archetype as you could possibly imagine. “When I bought my first home I was really nervous, I know that fear. Personally I love working with first home buyers.” Nik tells me. “It’s my job to make them comfortable and informed. With first home buyers, and it doesn’t matter what age group, they always become good friends because we go through the whole process together.”

Myth 2

Don’t bother seeing a mortgage manager until you’ve got a mountain of cash!

Young home seekers may already have debt, probably don’t have a huge deposit so surely there is no point even thinking about getting a mortgage, amiright millennials?

The reality

“I met a couple last year in May with good jobs but they had some short-term debts and their deposit wasn’t huge. But for us we have to look at the bigger picture, we could see that with a few adjustments they could be ready. . . and now less than a year later they are pre-approved for a mortgage and they are out there looking for their first home.” Nik tells me. “Sometimes you just need to speak to us to get the ball rolling.” Even if you have as little as 10k set aside a Mobile Mortgage Manager can help you plan ahead to help get you into your own home.

Myth 3

Mortgage Managers will drown your soul in confusing jargon!

There can be an expectation that the mean old mortgage managers just want their commissions and will bombard the client with crazy jargon that is more intimidating than helpful.

The reality

“My clients might not know what a registered valuation report is, or a builders report or what conditions to put in a sale and purchase agreement. It’s up to me to demystify all of that in the clearest way possible. I know you may need to put in a bit of extra work with first home buyers to guide them through A to Z but hey, it’s the best feeling in the world when you get someone into their first home.”

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Myth 4

You have to take a day off work to even talk to a bank about your first home loan!

I barely have the time to watch seven straight hours of cooking reality shows in the bath, so how on earth I am going to find time to go to an actual bank. It would be a lot better if the Mobile Mortgage Manager was mobile. . . hang on?

The reality

Nik doesn't work out of a branch, he’d rather meet clients “in a cafe, at their work, in their home, after work hours or in the weekend. Whenever and wherever they are most comfortable.” I’m planning to meet Nik where I’m most comfortable; the craft beer aisle of a Grey Lynn supermarket.

For most of us, a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment of our lives, and yeah it is a bit freaky. But the scariest part might actually be thinking about it all on your own without actually knowing the realities. Honestly people; find yourself a Mobile Mortgage Manager like Nik to decode the mysteries of the mortgage and it might, just maybe, possibly, actually be alright.

- By Samuel Scott

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