Your card

What does it cost?

There’s a $10 annual fee to - we’ll waive this for the first year you have a Visa Debit Card with us. See our fees

How do I use my card for purchases online, phone or mail order?

Use it like you’d use any credit card.

If you’ve got two accounts linked to your card; purchases online, by phone or mail order, or made overseas will come out of your primary account (CHQ).

When you use your card for foreign currency transactions, your transactions will be charged to your account in New Zealand dollars at a rate of exchange determined by Visa on the date it sends the transaction details to us. An international transaction fee also applies.

How do I access my chosen account in store and at an ATM?

If you’ve chosen to link one account to your Visa Debit Card, choose “CHQ“. If you’ve chosen to link two accounts to your Visa Debit Card, choose “CHQ“ to access your primary account and “SAV“ to access your secondary account.

How do I set up or change the accounts my card is linked to?

You can use your card to make purchases from up to two of your Kiwibank accounts. To choose which accounts you would like to link to your Visa Debit Card:

1. Login to internet banking and select ‘Settings’

2. Choose ‘Maintain Debit Card Account Linkages’

3. Choose the options for your Visa Debit Card and select ‘Save’

Please note: payWave and overseas purchases will always access the account linked to the ‘CHQ’ button.

How do I close my card?

Your card’s linked to your account. If you close your account, we’ll automatically close your card as well. If you’d like to cancel your card but keep your account open, there are a few ways you can do this:

What happens when my card expires?

Your card is valid for three years - we’ll send you a new one when it’s about to expire. Just use it with your PIN in an EFTPOS terminal to activate it.

Whats the difference between an EFTPOS card and a Visa Debit Card?


Visa Debit Card

ATM cash withdrawals in New Zealand

yes yes

EFTPOS purchases in New Zealand

yes yes

ATM cash withdrawals and balance enquiries worldwide

yes yes

In-store purchases worldwide – wherever Visa is accepted


Online, phone, mailorder purchases


payWave functionality


Going overseas, or currently overseas

Should I let Kiwibank know if I'm intending on travelling overseas?

Yes, if you're going overseas and are going to use your Visa Debit Card while you’re away, you should contact us prior to leaving New Zealand by sending us a secure message within your internet banking, or call us with the following:

  • The dates you're going
  • Where you're travelling to
  • How long you're going for
  • How we can contact you, while you're away.

How do I use my card overseas?
  • Store purchases - select ‘Credit' and enter your PIN
  • ATM - enter your PIN and select 'Credit'

Even though you select “Credit“, the funds will come from your primary account. This is the account that is accessed when you select “CHQ” while using your card in New Zealand. If you have a secondary account linked to your card, you won’t be able to access this secondary account while overseas. Overseas ATM and international transaction fees will apply.

Can I use payWave overseas?

Yes, but keep in mind that transaction limits may vary and depending on the rules of the country, you may be asked to enter your PIN or sign.

The transaction will come from the account you have linked to the CHQ button.

Authorisations and declined transactions

What happens if I don't have any money in my account?

Your Visa Debit Card is linked to your everyday account(s). If you don't have any money in your account(s), your transaction will be declined.

If your account goes into an unauthorised overdraft, you’ll be charged an account out of order fee. See our fees

Why is there a difference between my available balance and current balance?

Some places, like hotels and car rental agencies, might request confirmation that your account has enough funds to meet the estimated cost of goods or services that they supply. We treat the request as a card authorisation, which means you can't access those funds, even though the transaction hasn't been processed. When the transaction is processed, the authorisation is also processed and the transaction will show up in your account. These card authorisations will hold funds in your account for up to five days.

Fraud and security

What should I do if my card is lost, damaged or stolen?

You can either:

  • Log into internet banking and go to the 'Cards' section under your settings. Here you'll be able to cancel your card and order a replacement.
  • Or call us on 0800 113 355 or +64 4 473 1133 from overseas, and we’ll cancel your card and order you a replacement.

A card replacement fee applies. If you find your old card again, you’ll need to cut it up and use your new one.

What should I do if I notice transactions on my account that aren't mine?

If you think there’ve been fraudulent transactions on your account, you should contact us immediately on 0800 113 355 or +64 4 473 11 33 from overseas. You need to check your transactions regularly, and contact us immediately if something doesn't look right.

If fraudulent card transactions occur on your account and our investigations prove that you weren't responsible, you may not be liable for any losses incurred. See our General terms and conditions for Personal and business (PDF 180.3 KB) for more information.

How do I dispute a transaction?

Please download and read our Visa Debit Card Transaction dispute information (PDF 474.6 KB)

An investigation fee may apply. See our fees

What should I do if I think my PIN’s been compromised?

If you think someone’s found out what your PIN is, compromising the security of your account, you should contact us immediately on 0800 113 355 or +64 4 473 11 33 from overseas so we can cancel your card. Otherwise, visit your local Kiwibank to change your PIN.

Do the standard Visa chargeback rights apply to a Visa Debit Card?

Yes they do. If you want to dispute a transaction, call us on 0800 113 355 or +64 4 473 11 33 from overseas within 30 days of the date of transaction.