How it works

  • Shop anywhere Visa is accepted; online, overseas and over the phone
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs that accept Visa worldwide
  • Use it to make purchases from up to two of your accounts, including joint accounts
  • Use payWave to tap for purchases under $80, and tap and PIN for purchases over $80
  • Get exclusive offers, ticket pre-sales and competitions with Visa Entertainment
  • You'll be protected against unauthorised use of your card or account details with Visa's Zero Liability policy
  • Tertiary Pack customers won't be charged the annual card fee

What you need to know

  • You’ll need to be over 15 years old to get a card
  • You'll need to link the card to at least one of the following accounts:
  • There's a $10 annual fee per card - we’ll waive this for the first year. Other fees may apply
  • The card comes with payWave, which means you won’t need to swipe, insert, or sign to pay for something – just tap your card on the reader to make a purchase under $80 or for purchases over $80 tap and enter your PIN
  • When using your card overseas for purchases or at an ATM select ‘Credit’ and enter your PIN
  • Your card will be valid for three years - we’ll post you a new one when it’s about to expire
  • Make sure you read the General Terms and Condtions (PDF 281.0 KB) to undertand in full how our Visa Debit Cards work

Getting a Visa Debit Card is easy

Already a Kiwibank customer?

  • Login to internet banking and select ‘Apply and Open’

  • Choose ‘Cards’ and select Visa Debit Card

  • Pick your favourite card design and select a PIN

  • Go to ‘Settings’, check your personal details are up-to-date to ensure your card is sent to the right place

  • We’ll post it to you ready to use.

Not a Kiwibank customer but want to be?

No problem, just complete our online application form.

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