Kiwi Insurance Limited

Life & Living Insurance, home loan insurance and credit card repayment insurance are provided by Kiwi Insurance Limited. Life Insurance issued before 14 November 2012 is also provided by Kiwi Insurance Limited.

Financial strength rating

Kiwi Insurance Limited has a financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) from A.M. Best Company.

Rating Scale

A++, A+ Superior

A, A- Excellent

B++, B+ Good

B, B- Fair

C++, C+ Marginal

C, C- Weak

D Poor

E Under Supervision

F In Liquidation

S Suspended

Further information on these ratings is available at

Solvency and Statutory Fund

Like all insurers in New Zealand, Kiwi Insurance Limited is required to meet solvency standards which are determined by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

As at 31 December 2018, the Actual Solvency Capital of Kiwi Insurance Limited was $18,950 million, which gave a margin over the Minimum Solvency Capital of $10,808 million. The breakdown of these amounts is shown in the following table.

As at 31 December 2018 $000's
Actual Solvency Capital (A) 18,950
Minimum Solvency Capital (B) 8,142
Solvency Margin (A-B) 10,808
Solvency Ratio (A/B) 233%

Kiwi Insurance has one statutory fund which constitutes the whole of the company.


House, contents and car insurance are provided by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (Hollard). Administration of house, contents and car insurance and claims handling services are managed by Ando Insurance Group Limited on behalf of Hollard.

View information about Hollard's financial strength rating and solvency margin on their website at

An overseas policyholder preference applies. Under Australian law, if Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd is wound up, its assets in Australia must be applied to its Australian liabilities before they can be applied to overseas liabilities. To this extent, New Zealand policyholders may not be able to rely on Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd.'s Australian assets to satisfy New Zealand liabilities.


Travel insurance for eligible Kiwibank Credit Cards is provided by Tower Insurance Limited (Tower). House, contents and vehicle insurance issued before 5 April 2018 are also provided by Tower.

View information about Tower's financial strength rating and solvency margin on their website at

Hallmark Life & Hallmark General

Personal loan insurance is provided by Hallmark Life Insurance Company Ltd (Hallmark Life) and Hallmark General Insurance Company Ltd (Hallmark General) (incorporated in Australia and operating in New Zealand).

Hallmark Life and Hallmark General have both received Insurer Financial Strength Ratings of BBB+ from Standard & Poors.

Both Hallmark Life and Hallmark General maintain solvency positions in excess of their current requirements or obligations.

For full details regarding these disclosures including the table of Insurance Financial Strength Ratings, as well as the definitions of the ratings, the table of the solvency positions, and Agency & Scale can be found at

An overseas policyholder preference applies to Hallmark General.


Credit card repayment insurance issued before 10 April 2011 is provided by Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Limited (Cigna).

View information about Cigna's financial strength rating and solvency margin on their website at

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