• Link regular payments to payday

    You’ll be hit with a fee if there’s not enough money in your account when it’s time to pay an automatic payment. Plan your payments to go out the day after payday.

    You can see a list of your automatic payments and when they’re due to go out in internet banking.

  • Blast those bills

    Our Bill Blaster account holds your bill money away from temptation. It works alongside your Free Up, Now or Front Runner accounts. It has no transaction fees and a lower dishonour fee than our other accounts.

    PayStream sets aside money before you even see it. Set up PayStream to split incoming funds between your everyday, savings and Bill Blaster accounts. It’s free to set up PayStream in the first 30 days after you open your Kiwibank account – after that there’s a $3 set up or change fee.

  • Set up Sweep

    Sweep automatically moves money between accounts when they reach set minimum or maximum amounts.

    Sweep can ensure your automatic payments won’t dishonour when you have enough money sitting in another chosen account.

    Check out Sweep to see which accounts this is available from.

  • Stay alert

    Set up txt or email alerts for when an automatic payment hasn’t gone through. If you move money across before we try again, you’ll avoid a dishonour fee. Set this up in your internet banking under ‘settings’.

    Alerts aren’t available on all accounts. Your mobile service provider may charge you data costs for accessing mobile banking.

  • Avoid unauthorised overdrafts

    Fees may be charged if your account goes into unauthorised overdraft.

    If you find yourself occasionally slipping into the red, applying for an overdraft can be a good way to manage this, but always try to clear any overdraft on your next pay day. Lending criteria, terms and conditions, interest rates, and fees apply.

    Check out our overdrafts.

  • Go digital

    There are no fees when you use our mobile app or internet banking to check your balance, unlike phone banking which carries fees.

    A Free Up account has no monthly account or transaction fees when you bank online (service fees may apply).

    If you open a Free Up account, you agree to receive your statements online or by email. Free Up is not available to companies, trusts or organisations.

  • Get a Zero Visa

    Our Zero Visa Credit Card has no account fee.

  • Pay credit cards on time

    Avoid fees by making at least the minimum payments on credit cards on time every month (interest charges still apply).

    Even better, set up a direct debit to pay your balance off completely every month and avoid interest charges as well.

    Consider a Visa Debit Card – it’s like a credit card but you’re using the money in your transaction account. Buy things you’d normally use a credit card for – online, overseas, at home, wherever. The $10 annual fee is waived for the first year. The Visa Debit Card is not available on all accounts.

    Visit our Managing your card page for more credit card tips.

  • Switch to a Kiwibank

    When you have a Kiwibank Home Loan, you won’t pay any transaction fees on everyday bank accounts, and your credit card annual account fee is waived for the first year. Lending criteria, terms and conditions, interest rates, and fees apply.

    Check out our home loans.

  • Come to us and we’ll clean up your banking

    Come in for a chat and we'll do a scan across all your accounts to see where you could save money on fees.

    Check out our tips to help you avoid fees.

Download Kiwibank’s Disclosure Statement (PDF 474.3 KB) or pick up a copy at your local Kiwibank.