Nobody likes paying fees when they don’t have to – so here are some tips on ways to avoid penalty fees:

  • When you set up automatic payments or direct debits, set them up to come out the day after you get paid, so there’s always enough money in your account to cover your payments.
  • Keep your money for bills separate from your day to day spending by opening another account - so you know what you have to spend.
  • Set up text or email alerts so we can let you know if a regular automatic payment can’t be paid - usually because there isn’t enough money in your account. This alert provides an opportunity to transfer some money before we try the payment again.
  • Use our Sweep and Dynamic Sweep services to automatically sweep money between your accounts – so you’ll always have enough to cover your payments.
  • PayStream can help you budget your money by setting aside a certain amount of money or a percentage of incoming payments to a seperate account.

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