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If you’re keen to build your nest egg with a savings or investment account, you can apply using our online form below, through internet banking or our mobile app.

If you’re new to Kiwibank or want to talk through your options, use the online application form below. If you’re already a Kiwibank customer, you don’t need to fill out this form. Instead, you can log in to internet banking or our mobile app to open or manage your investments. If you’d rather talk to someone, you can give us call on 0800 11 33 55.

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Once your application is complete, our team will get in touch with you. We’ll need some identification, so please make sure you have two of the following options handy:

  • Current New Zealand passport
  • Current New Zealand driver's licence
  • New Zealand birth certificate (issued after 1998).

We'll also require your IRD number and proof of address to open an account for you. If you own a home we can verify your address over the phone, otherwise you'll need to visit your nearest Kiwibank.

If you're applying for a PIE investment please make sure your know your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR). If you need help working out your PIR, take a look at our tax information page.

If you're a business banking customer, please call 0800 601 601 or talk to a business banking manager.