Find out when money goes into and comes out of your accounts as different types of payments are processed at different times.

Payments between Kiwibank accounts

Kiwibank to Kiwibank payments or transfers are processed immediately – including on weekends and public holidays.

If you're making a payment or transfer to a Kiwibank Credit Card, your credit card balance will automatically update the 'available balance'. The 'owing balance' won't update until the next business day. Public holidays don't affect the process of internal transfers. Please note that if payments are made at certain times outside of ordinary business hours, the update to your ‘available balance’ and/or ‘owing balance’ may be delayed by up to one business day.

Automatic payments

Automatic payments are processed around 10am on the due date. If the due date falls on a weekend or public holiday, we’ll process the payment on the next business day.

If there’s not enough money in your account, we’ll try the payment again at 10pm the same business day, then again at 10am and 10pm on the next business day, if needed. You’ll only be charged a dishonour fee if the payment fails four times.

Direct debit

Direct debits are processed overnight – they’re the last thing we do each day to make sure you receive any deposits before we send out your payments.

Practically, this means the funds leave your account sometime in the middle of the night – the exact time varies each day.

Payments to other banks

We send payments to other banks every hour between 9am and midnight on business days. Payments submitted after midnight or on a weekend or public holiday will be sent the next business day.

Depending on the receiving bank’s timeframes, the recipient could see the money in their account quickly after you make a payment or it may show overnight.

For future dated payments, see automatic payments.

Payments from other banks

We process payments coming into customer accounts from other banks at regular intervals between 9am and midnight on business days.

If you get a regular payment, for example your salary, a benefit or pension, you might be used to seeing that payment turn up at a certain time each week or fortnight. However, there’s no guarantee that payments will always show up at the same time.

Payments from Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

Regular MSD customer payments will be processed into customer accounts by 11pm on the day the payment is received by Kiwibank.

Regular payments include (but aren't limited to); WINZ benefits, NZ Super, Studylink, Veterans Pension, Youth Payments and Accommodation Supplements.

Non regular payments from MSD to customers, such as emergency payments from Work and Income, are processed as soon as they're received by Kiwibank between 9am and midnight on business days.

Holiday payment information for public holidays

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