Doing our part in making Kiwis better off

We might all have different goals, but what's important is having one to begin with. What is ours?

To help make Kiwis better off. Here's how we're supporting everyday Kiwis:

Buying your first home

Buying your first home can be challenging, so we're here to help you every step of the way. With our simple guide, you'll be on the road to buying your first home in no time.

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Getting ahead

A degree, a trade, an OE or a side hustle; whatever you’re doing to get ahead, we’ve got the accounts, tools and tips to help you get there.

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Doing good for New Zealand

Doing what’s right for New Zealand is part of our makeup – through our policies, processes, community involvement and by partnering with organisations that are making a difference.

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Tips & tools to help you get ahead

Supporting you and your goals

Everyone has a different goal, and our goal is to ensure we do our part to make yours happen. Here's how we're helping awesome Kiwibank customers with their goals.

Debunking mortgage myths

We got Samuel Scott to talk over the myths and realities of approaching Kiwibank for a mortgage with Nik Beri, who wants to humanise and demystify the mortgage application process.

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The housing crisis of the mind

Samuel Scott headed down the first home buying rabbit hole of never ending clickbait headlines. It took two young first home hunters to save his sanity.

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What millennials are doing to get ahead

We've sent India Lopez along to interview young millennials Ollie, Ashlee and Alma and find out how they're winning at life.

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Partnering with like-minded Kiwis

Partnering with those who also want a better future for New Zealand? That's a no brainer, because it's all of ours to create.

Partnering up for good

We got Frances Speer to speak to Kim Waghorn from Kiwibank to learn more about the good we're doing with other like-minded Kiwi organisations.

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The business of doing good

As a proud New Zealand organisation, we believe we have a responsibility to operate sustainably. We got Frances Speer to investigate our day-to-day decisions to ensure we're doing the right thing.

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New Zealander of the Year

We just celebrated 10 years as a sponsor of the New Zealander of the Year Awards, honouring extraordinary Kiwis whose selflessness, creativity and vision make us proud to call New Zealand home.

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We support Banqer to get their online financial literacy tool into as many Kiwi schools as possible and enable classrooms to access the platform free of charge, aiming to reach up to 3,300 classrooms in 2019.

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Department of Conservation

We partner with the Department of Conservation to increase the capacity and capability of world-leading conservation dogs that protect our precious native species and track down the predators that threaten them.

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The future is ours to create. Let's go.

When you join Kiwibank, you're joining a million other Kiwis and local businesses who believe what we believe: it's good to be independent.

100% Kiwi-owned

Since we're 100% Kiwi-owned we keep money where it belongs—right here, in New Zealand. We're the bank New Zealanders can call their own.

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The awards we've won prove we're here to make banking better for Kiwis. Our latest award, CANSTAR First Home Buyers Bank of the Year 2018, shows we're committed to getting Kiwis into their first home.

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Community and partnerships

Partnering with other like-minded Kiwi businesses means we're making New Zealand a better place, from protecting our environment, building financial literacy and celebrating extraordinary Kiwis.

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