Protect and make the most of your hard-earned cash.

There’s an old rule of thirds; Spend it, Save it, Grow it. Use this as a base, but customise your pay and costs to make your own pay-day pie.


This is for information purposes only. It is of a general nature and is not personal financial advice. For advice about your particular circumstances please see your financial adviser, or talk to one of Kiwibank’s Wealth Advisers by calling 0800 529 325.

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Make that ‘Money In’ column on your bank statement work its socks off.


Get a head start on saving for retirement or your first home as early as you can – and your employer contributes too so it’s kinda like getting an instant pay rise when you sign up.

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Avoiding bad debt

All debts need to be managed — remember not to commit to more debt than you actually can afford to repay or need. Try paying your credit card off in full each month to avoid interest. Paying off debt as soon as you can might be the best money move you’ll ever make.


Just in case the unexpected happens, make sure the important stuff’s covered, like your car and contents. Remember your biggest asset is your ability to earn, so it pays to be covered if an injury or illness means you can't work. Check out your insurance options


Your pay can be split into different accounts before you even see it. Great for keeping your savings on track or making sure there’s enough money for bills. Find out more about PayStream

Chew over: If you put away $30 every week, in three years you’d have saved $4,680!

Contingency funds

Set aside a small stash to cover unexpected costs.


Choose to automatically sweep money to or from different accounts when they reach your chosen minimum or maximum amount. Read more about Sweep

Rewarding yourself

Now you’re earning you can bring those dreams to life. You’ll be surprised how quickly the money builds up when you save regularly with our competitive interest rates. Check out our rates and fees

Coming in for a chat

Yep, we know some of it sounds a bit boring and sensible, but we reckon we can share some easy as ways to make those hard-earned bucks go further.

Kiwi Wealth Limited is the issuer and manager of the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme.