If you’d like to talk through any of the options, give us a call. We can help you on the spot or arrange an appointment for you to talk to someone face-to-face at your nearest Kiwibank.

Picking the right account

Do you have the right type of account for you? It’s worth checking out what account you are on and whether there is another that may suit you better.

  • With Free Up, our award-winning online account, you pay no account management fees and no electronic transaction fees, saving you money to spend on more important things.
  • With our Bill Blaster account, you can put money aside for expenses like rent, bills and loan repayments. Don’t get caught short on rent day ever again.

Managing your money

  • The Kiwibank Visa Debit Card works just like an ATM/EFTPOS card, with the added benefit of being able to buy things online, over the phone or by mail order, and pay with your own money. We’ll even waive the first year’s card fee.
  • Want to know what you’ve got right now? You can check your balance and transfer funds on your smartphone. Check out our iPhone or Android apps.
  • Starting your first full–time job often coincides with moving into a new flat. Kiwibank makes it easy with our flat accounts, which can be set up with two people’s names and two EFTPOS cards. If you set up your flat account as a Free Up, it will also be free of electronic transaction fees and monthly account fees.

Graduate Pack

If you’re a recent graduate, you might be eligible for Kiwibank’s Graduate Pack.

Your budget

Budgeting can be a tricky business, but it’s crucial when you’re first starting work. A budget puts you in control, and helps you figure out how much you’ll need tomorrow, next week or next month.

For loads of useful information and other handy stuff, check out Sorted. Sorted has different tools to help you with all areas of your financial life.


More money means you can buy and do the stuff you want, but it also means you can start saving – for bigger stuff (like overseas trips or a home) or for your future.

It might seem like ages away, but thinking about your retirement now can set you up for the future. It’s not just about surviving day-to-day, it’s about getting to do the things you love. There are a few ways we can help you with savings, planning, and your retirement.

  • Got something you need to save for? Check out our Help Me Save Calculator to see what you might be able to save by cutting back on those non-essentials.
  • Kiwibank has a number of different savings accounts and investment options to make the most of the money you have. We can help you choose the right option, allowing you to maximise the interest you earn.
  • If you’re over 18 when you start a new job, you’ll automatically be enrolled in a KiwiSaver scheme, which can act as a key part of sorting out your retirement. Understanding all of the different parts of KiwiSaver can be confusing to begin with, with different investment options and fee structures. Kiwibank distributes the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme. It offers choice of investment funds, easy access to your investment information and clear, upfront and easy to understand pricing.


Sometimes you might need a little bit of extra money. Before you commit to any debt – whether it’s a hire purchase, an overdraft or a personal loan, you can work out how much your debt will cost you by checking out the Sorted debt calculators.

If you’re thinking of getting a credit card, we can help you find the best option for you. Check out our information on managing your credit card for answers to your top credit card questions.

Download Kiwibank’s Disclosure Statement (PDF 2.1 MB) or pick up a copy at your local Kiwibank.

To be eligible for the Graduate Pack, you must have successfully completed your studies at a New Zealand University, Polytech, Industry Training Organisation or NZQA approved place of study.

Kiwi Wealth Limited is the Issuer and Manager of the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme (the Scheme) and is a related company of Kiwibank Limited. Kiwibank is a distributor but is not an issuer of the Scheme. Investments made in the Scheme do not represent bank deposits or other liabilities of Kiwibank and neither they nor any other person guarantees the repayment of members’ interests in the Scheme or the payment of any earnings or returns on investment in the Scheme. Investments in the Scheme are subject to investment and other risks, including possible delays in payment of withdrawal amounts in some circumstances and loss of investment value.

Free Up is not available to companies, trusts or organisations. The Visa Debit Card is not available on all accounts.

Air New Zealand’s Airpoints programme terms and conditions apply, visit airnewzealand.co.nz/airpoints for details. Airpoints Dollars is Air New Zealand’s registered trademark and is Air New Zealand’s Airpoints programme currency.