Other fees may apply. Interest rates subject to change. Important conditions and exclusions are set out in the Travel Insurance for Kiwibank Credit Cards Policy wording (PDF 195.8 KB). Kiwibank Mastercard Gold Travel Insurance is arranged by Kiwibank and is issued by Tower Insurance Limited.

Go low with Low Rate Mastercard

Lending criteria, other interest rates, terms and other fees apply. To be eligible you must successfully apply for a new Low Rate Mastercard by 11 March 2018. Discounted purchase rate applies for 7 months from when your account is first opened after which time the standard purchase interest rate shall apply. Your card will be sent to you after your account has been opened. Discounted purchase rate period shall not be less than 6 months from the date you receive your card. Standard purchase interest rate will apply to any purchases balances remaining at the end of the discounted purchase rate period. Standard purchase interest rate is subject to change.