Payment information for public holidays

If you’re expecting money to come in or go out on a public holiday, please be aware that payment timings will be affected.

Processing times for payments

No payments between banks are processed over public holidays. Payment times will only be affected by national public holidays, and not by regional holidays like anniversary days.


  • Incoming payments: If you normally have direct credits or automatic payments scheduled on the day of a public holiday (e.g. on a Monday), you may be paid earlier (e.g. on a Friday).
  • Outgoing payments: If you make a payment to another bank through internet banking or normally have outgoing payments on the day of a public holiday (e.g. on a Monday), your payments will be processed on the next business day (e.g. on a Tuesday).

Regular MSD customer payments due on a public holiday may be paid earlier by MSD. These payments will be processed into customer accounts by 11pm on the day the payment is received by Kiwibank.

Payment dates may vary, so please check with the organisation paying you. If you have automatic payments normally set to go out on the day of a public holiday, remember to leave enough funds in your account to cover later payments and to avoid dishonour fees.

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