Tohu pattern artwork green and pink Tohu pattern artwork green and pink

This is the start

As one of Aotearoa's most trusted and recognised brands, we're marking our 20 year milestone by revealing a new brand identity. You'll see this all new look in your online banking channels. It will start appearing across our branches and the communications you receive. Also, keep an eye out for something else exciting that launches soon. This is just the start.

This is looking ahead

A brand is a precious asset. It lets people know who we are, what we stand for and what we care about. What was current and relevant 20 years ago needs to be treasured but it also needs to evolve to reflect who we want to be. As we come of age it's a great time to reflect on the ambition we hold for the future.
Steve Jurkovich, CEO

Kiwibank chief executive Steve Jurkovich says it's a hugely exciting and pivotal year for the New Zealand owned bank as the bank is going through a significant business transformation.

The new identity and logo are inspired by the concept of a thriving Aotearoa and was designed around the te ao Māori metaphor for a thriving whānau and community which is symbolised in pā harakeke.

The outer leaves are the tūpuna, our ancestors, representing knowledge and wisdom. The inner leaves, the mātua or parents which protect and nurture the central new shoots, being the tamariki or children – the next generation and future growth.

Our customers will start to see the changes rollout across their banking environments later this year and can understand more of the background story around the modern and progressive new design in the video above.

Making more Kiwi better off

Being a better bank also means balancing performance and purpose and we’ve made three long term commitments to deliver on our purpose of making Kiwi better off.

  • Making our Tamariki better off: ensuring future generations of Kiwi are financially equipped for success, so we support all tamariki having access to quality financial education by 2030.
  • Making Kiwi better off: helping Kiwi focus on what really matters to them by supporting two million Kiwi to take action to be secure in their financial future by 2030.
  • Making Aotearoa better off: ensuring Aotearoa is a better place for this generation and the next, we'll provide support worth $2 billion to small and medium-sized enterprises towards their sustainability journey by 2030.

Read more about our purpose or our brand.

Six things we're proud of

  1. 1

    In 2002 Kiwibank was established with a clear purpose: to make Kiwi better off. In two short years we achieved 250,000 customers.

  2. 2

    We were the first bank in Australasia to launch real-time mobile phone banking in 2006 enabling our customers to do their banking remotely. To coincide with the launch of iPhone in New Zealand, a new way of internet banking via mobile was launched in 2008. We officially launched our mobile app in 2012.

  3. 3

    We became a B-Corp certified company which required us to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, and became the first bank in New Zealand to use recycled plastic in all our cards.

  4. 4

    We gained the Rainbow Tick, Gender Tick, and Living Wage accreditations.

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    Today we've grown to be the biggest New Zealand-owned bank, providing financial security to over one million personal and business banking customers.